Fall Move-In

Fall 2017 Residence Hall Move-In

It's important to be prepared and know what to expect before moving in to your new home at Western.

When you get to campus on Friday or Saturday of Fall Move-In:

  1. Enter the campus and drive to your residence hall using the route shown on the map. The routes are designed to reduce traffic bottlenecks and speed up your move-in time; however, during peak move-in times, you can expect an extended wait time. Follow instructions given by the Office of Public Safety (OPS) personnel who will be directing traffic.
  2. When it’s your turn, OPS personnel will direct you to your residence hall. When you arrive at your residence hall, you’ll be greeted by our volunteer Move-In Crew who will be wearing gold shirts. If you would like a cart and assistance moving your belongings to your room, get a number from them. You can also bring your own cart/dolly to assist with the move-in process. Your resident assistants and staff will be wearing purple shirts.

  3. Have family members begin to unload belongings at the designated drop off location. Once you’ve unloaded, you’ll be directed to stay with your belongings while another member of your party moves your vehicle to a designated parking lot. You will need to proceed to the check-in area to begin the check-in process.


    Have your Student ID Number and STARS Password/Pin ready. Proceed to the electronic check-in area where you will receive your room key. Once you have checked in, you will go to your room and complete your Room Condition Report (RCR) and return it to the check-in area to receive additional keys.

  4. When the Move-In Crew is ready, your number will be called, and you can begin to take your belongings to your room to set up and meet your new neighbors! If you don’t need the help of a cart or if you want to get started yourself, you and your family can begin moving your belongings up to your room.


Suggested Arrival Times

We encourage you to use the recommended target times below – we try to spread out traffic based on your home's proximity to campus.

If you live within:
  • 0-75 miles from campus: Arrive 8-9 am
  • 76-125 miles from campus: Arrive 9-10 am
  • 126-150 miles from campus: Arrive 10-11 am
  • 151-175 miles from campus: Arrive 11 am - Noon
  • 176-200 miles from campus: Arrive Noon - 1 pm
  • over 200 miles from campus: Arrive After 1 pm

**The above guidelines are suggested times for you to arrive to campus to help distribute on-campus and move-in traffic. The times do not need to be strictly followed.

What is the Check-In Process Like?

As you arrive in Macomb and make your way to campus you can expect to encounter our Office of Public Safety directing traffic. These officers control the flow of cars to the individual residence halls. Once you are directed to approach the building, unload your vehicle near the hall, and while someone stays with the belongings, please move the car to a regular parking lot. After you unload do not leave your vehicle parked near the hall. This will ensure that others are able to do the same.

When you arrive to your residence hall you will be greeted by staff and returning students who will direct you through the check-in process. Our process is an electronic information process, so you will need to know your University ECOM username and password and verify some contact information with us. Then you will be directed to pick-up your room and access keys and asked to inspect your room for any damages we may have missed. Along the way, you will be assigned a move-in crew member (based on availability, expect a wait during peak times) who will help you move in your belongings.

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