What's happening with East Village?

In the fall of 2014, it was reported that several apartments within the East Village Complex had a variety of facility related issues, including environmental concerns.  After several months of assessment and review, it was determined that it was not financially feasible for University Housing and Dining Services to continue to operate the 36 apartment facility and the decision to close the complex was made. Read the WIU press release here.

This decision to close the complex was based on the following information: 

Deferred building system failures:

  • East Village currently contains over $4,000,000 of deferred maintenance.
    • The fan coil units, controls, and piping are original, leak frequently and are in need of replacement. 
    • The exterior balconies and precast balcony walls are deteriorating and in need of repair.
    • The exterior door and window systems are original, leak, and have exceeded their useful life.
    • The windows are single pane, which affects energy efficiency within the apartments.
    • The plumbing systems are original, plug frequently, and are at the end of their useful life.  The bathrooms are in need of major renovations and were not part of a renovation project that occurred in 2003.
    • During the summer and early fall months, the building cannot keep up with proper dehumidification HVAC, which leads to further damage and environmental concerns.

Financial analysis:

  • Overall annual expenses for GFH are far more than the income UHDS is collecting, with an average deficit of ($332,336).
  • Additionally, utilities alone reflect an average 84% of the GFH total annual income.
  • WIU Facilities Management has provided an estimate to UHDS in the amount of $1,670,594.00 or $46,405.00 per apartment for renovations to the building.  If WIU proceeded in this direction, it would have significant impacts on our departmental and the Auxiliary Facilities Systems reserves, as well as halt other housing projects in planning.
  • UHDS would have to raise apartment rates upwards of 20-25% to cover the costs of the renovation work, which would leave us standing with the highest on-campus apartment rates in the state.


Questions & Answers:

1.)    When will be the last day to check-out of my apartment?

UHDS is committed to working with all occupants and situations. We are encouraging all occupants to be moved out of their apartment by Wednesday, July 1, 2015. UHDS will work with students on an individual basis if they need to stay beyond that date. 

2.)    Will the University be responsible for finding alternative housing?

While not directly responsible for finding alternative housing for occupants, UHDS will assist by providing apartment contacts to anyone inquiring. Please reference the apartment contact list included in this information.

3.)    How will TANF funding from the University be affected?

Students receiving funding through state TANF are encouraged to work with the WIU Financial Aid Office (309-298-2446) to review their individual situations.

4.)    Does the University have any other accommodations?
UHDS does have traditional double and single residence hall rooms available for those who are interested. In addition, Westbrook House and University Village will be available as vacancy permits for those who qualify. 

5.)    Will UHDS be crediting students?
As outlined in the GFH contract, rent charges begin the first day of stated occupancy and continue until vacate date. Once an apartment is vacated, the resident will be credited the prorated amount on the day they leave the apartment. Please note that this credit will apply directly to the student bill first; therefore, if there is an outstanding balance with the University it will first be applied to that balance.  Students receiving additional funding, such as TANF or Section 8 funding, are encouraged to work with the WIU Financial Aid Office (309-298-2446).