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Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA President Michael Cortez

SGA Officers

President: Jesse Ramos
Vice President: Brooke Wessel
Chief of Staff: TBD
Comptroller: Lindsey Bideaux
Attorney General: TBD

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SGA Advisor is Dr. Fred Isele.
Email: FC-Isele@wiu.edu

The Student Government Association provides students with a voice in governance and a forum to express opinions about the University's traditions, ideas, and affairs. The SGA represents the wishes of the student body to University administrators and staff.

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Rocky hanging out at the Quad Cities campus!

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

Homecoming Dance

Bridge Building

Bridge Building

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

Homecoming Dance

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

SGA Activities

Want to get involved on campus or take a leadership role?

Join the Student Government Association! The time has come again for students to run for SGA positions.

The term will be for Academic Year 2018-2019. This is an election process, so you must submit a candidacy application form. The following positions are available:

SGA President | SGA Vice President | SGA Chief of Staff | SGA Comptroller | Senator-at-Large (2) | Student Member of the Board of Trustees

Learn more about SGA leadership positions.

The election packet is due at the student services desk by March 9th at 5PM. You will be required to attend a candidates meeting (meeting site and time to be announced), and will be subject to all decisions and policies set forth by the SGA regulations

The packet requires one hundred (100) signatures for SGA President and (50) signatures for all other positions from Western Illinois University – Quad Cities students and one (1) University Faculty Member to be eligible for ballot placement. There is also the Student Member of the Board of Trustees, which requires 300 signatures and (1) University Faculty Member.

A brief summary of the responsibilities of position being sought directly from the SGA Constitution can be found in your election packets.

SGA Officer Descriptions | 2018 SGA Election Packet

Reasons to Join SGA!

  • Networking within the Community
  • Professional Experience
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Work with Alumni
  • Develop Organization and Management Skills
  • Friendship with Fellow Officers and Faculty

Qualifications for any Leadership Position

1. Must be a full time student of Western Illinois University

    • Undergraduate (either 12 hours at WIU or dual-enrolled with a partner institution for a total of 12 hours each semester; or,
    • Graduate (6 hours of study) each semester.

2. Must be in good academic standing in your academic major.

3. Must be in good judicial standing at the time of or appointment and must remain in good standing for the duration of the official term.

Leadership Role Descriptions

Upcoming Events

Rocky hanging out at the Quad Cities campus!


January 27, 2016

SGA Election Information

2018 Election Packet

Position Descriptions

Student Services Contact Information

Curtis Williams
Email: CM-Williams11@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 762-9481

Temia Rice
Email: T-Rice@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 762-9481

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