Provost & Academic Vice President

WIU/UPI Agreement 2007-2011 Memorandums

APPROVED BY: Al Goldbarb, John Miller

Positive Time Reporting Requirements in Relation to the
State Officials and Employees Ethics Act

Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding is established between UPI and WIU for the purpose of describing the effect of Western Illinois University (WIU) employee prospective positive time reporting activities as mandated under the 2003 State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA).

  1. Under SOEEA, state employees periodically must submit records documenting the total amount of time spent each day on official State business.
  2. Commencing the first day of the Fall 2010 semester or the first day of the 2010 fiscal year for Unit B ASP's, the following categories of WIU employees—Unit A and all Unit B bargaining unit members—will be required to comply with the positive reporting requirements, implemented by WIU in accordance with the instructions developed collaboratively between the University and UPI.
  3. An employee's time reporting and report shall not be used in retention, tenure, promotion, or any other decision rendered in the evaluation process. Any and all information that is submitted in relation to comporting with SOEEA will be solely used for compliance with SOEEA. Under no circumstances may any time reporting information be used by the University for any other purpose except those outlined by the law (please note, the SOEEA permits the University to utilize disciplinary actions for intentional violations of the act, see 5 ILCS 430/50 5 (f)).
  4. Any University discipline actions resulting from the SOEEA must follow the progressive disciplinary articles outlined in the UPI Agreement.
  5. The information disclosed in relation to the positive time reporting system shall be deemed confidential and not included in the personnel records of any employee except as required in accordance with SOEEA.
  6. Failure to submit a positive time reporting form shall have no effect on retention, promotion, tenure, or any other evaluative process. However, it is expected that employees will comply with state laws and university regulations. The University will provide reasonable assistance to help employees to comply with the SOEEA time reporting requirements.