Provost & Academic Vice President

WIU/UPI Agreement 2007-2011 Memorandums

APPROVED BY: Jack Thomas, Karen Sears

Prior Years of Experience for Faculty Hired in at Rank of Associate Professor

Memorandum of Understanding

Pursuant to Article 13.2. of UPI/WIU Agreement 2007-2011 , this Memorandum of Understanding is established between UPI and WIU for the purpose of elaborating upon Article 20.9.e. of the Agreement .

An employee who has been hired in at the rank of Associate Professor and been granted tenure upon hire per the procedures in Article 20.10.d. or 20.10.e. may elect to have considered toward promotion to Full Professor any Scholarly/Professional Activities that occurred during their time of previous employment in the five years immediately prior to initial appointment to a position at Western Illinois University. There is an expectation that a reasonable level of Scholarly/Professional Activity will have been performed since being employed at Western Illinois University in addition to activity performed in prior years.

Employees eligible to apply prior years of experience under this provision are also subject to the eligibility requirements under Article 20.9.a. (Degree or Educational Requirement) and Article 20.9.b. (Time of Application) before they can apply for promotion to Full Professor.