Provost & Academic Vice President

WIU/UPI Agreement 2007-2011 Memorandums

APPROVED BY: Al Goldfarb, Karen Sears

Professional Achievement Award Teaching Requirement

Memorandum of Understanding

The Western Illinois University administration and University Professionals of Illinois, per the stipulations of Article 20.13 of the Agreement, agree to delete the reference to Retention and four-year appraisal in the second paragraph of Article 20.13.g Procedures Unique to PAA Points and replace it with the following language:

“While the PAA does not affect the RPT process, the individual faculty member must have received a determination through the evaluation process (on her or his most recent promotion or tenure evaluation) that the faculty member meets tenure requirements in the Teaching/Primary Duties area in order for that employee to be eligible to apply for a PAA.

For those faculty members applying for a PAA before tenure, they must submit documentation that demonstrates a performance level commensurate with that of Tenure in the Teaching/Primary Duties area. For faculty members applying for a PAA before tenure, the contents of the most recent retention portfolio will serve as documentation. Faculty members may provide additional documentation at the time they submit their final PAA document (after attaining 35 points), if they choose.

For tenured faculty members applying for a PAA four years or more after promotion, it is assumed that the faculty member has met tenure requirements for Teaching/Primary Duties for the purpose of the PAA, unless a faculty member has been assigned or is in the process of completing a Professional Improvement Plan to address identified weaknesses in Teaching/Primary Duties, as established under procedures in Article 20.12.d. or 20.12.e. Once the faculty member has successfully completed a Professional Improvement Plan, per procedures in 20.12.d., then she or he is eligible to be awarded a PAA.

This determination about a faculty member's Teaching/Primary Duties performance level, relative to Tenure requirements is necessary only in a year when the faculty member believes that she/he has met or exceeded the Points thresholds to earn the PAA.

This determination process for PAA awards is not to be construed as a review of either individual or collective tenure.”