Provost & Academic Vice President

WIU/UPI Agreement 2007-2011 Memorandums

APPROVED BY: Jack Thomas, Karen Sears

Funding of Board of Trustees Courses

Memorandum of Understanding

The Western Illinois University administration and University Professionals of Illinois, per the stipulations of Article 16 of the Agreement, agree to expand Article 16.4.b.(4) Enrollment and Teaching ACEs by compensating faculty who agree to teach BOT-IC courses* on a separate contract with the following components:

  1. The administration, under conditions described below, shall compensate faculty on a per credit hour/per student basis for teaching BOT-IC courses. This compensation will be paid on a separate contract to each individual faculty member (with approval of dean/chair).
  2. The rate that faculty members shall be paid will be $40 per credit hour/per student. For example, if a BOT course has 30 enrolled students in a 3 semester hour class on the 10th day of a semester, the formula would be 30 x 3 = 90 s.h. x $40 = $3,600.
  3. This system would apply ONLY to BOT-IC courses and only WWW courses offered through the BOT program would be funded through this model. It would not apply to IC courses that are offered by departments (internet courses that do not allow preregistration for BOT students), extension courses (courses taught face-to-face at off campus sites), or any other course offered through distance education.
  4. Faculty members may continue to be assigned BOT-IC courses in-load for ACEs (and points, if appropriate). If courses are not taught in-load, faculty members may choose to accept a contract from the BOT program which will compensate them at the $40/per credit hour rate. Faculty members may also choose to accept PAA points for teaching a BOT-IC class.
  5. This compensation system shall not apply to the Summer Session so as to allow faculty members to continue to receive a full month's salary for three ACEs (or four, in the case of a 4 sh course) or overload paid, regardless of whether the course is BOT-IC (see Article 29.10 Summer Session Compensation).
  6. This compensation system shall be in effect for the length of the contract 2008-2011.
  7. For Fall, 2008, a faculty member currently assigned to receive overload for a BOT-IC course ($1,000 per ACE) will receive the higher compensation -- either the overload rate or the contract rate referred to above,. Those who have been assigned BOT-IC courses as an in-load assignment will receive ACEs. Faculty could also choose to receive PAA points rather than payment, if appropriate.

*Board of Trustees – Internet Courses (BOT-IC) shall be defined as courses offered through the Board of Trustees program on a separate contract whereby BOT students are allowed to pre-register for courses several weeks before all other students.