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"Marketing" (3 results)
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing StrategiesVolume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (1 & 2 are print). This volume provides 100 essays detailing marketing strategies for some of the top global and emerging brands that appeared from 2010 to 2013. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Green Consumerism: an A-to-Z GuideProvides a survey of the nature of green consumerism, the forms that it takes, the issues that impact it, and the practices it involves. Illuminates the multifaceted and sometimes contested contours of green consumerism and the ways it is embedded and shaped in relation to wider cultural, economic, political, and environmental processes. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
MRI PlusProduct, advertising, and marketing data from Mediamark Research & Intelligence. Contact the Malpass Library Reference Desk for access information. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing