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Civil War

A Guide to Selected Government Information Available at WIU's Government Publications Library

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Federal Government Information
War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

Day by day chronology of the Civil War through reports from commanding officers. Index. 1890.
W 45.5: 1/ volume (123 volumes). Also available on CD-Rom.

Civil War Naval Chronology, 1861-1865

Gives an account of U.S. Naval activities for each day from 1861-1865. 1971.
D 207.2: C49/comp.

The Era of the Civil War, 1820-1876

Published materials of holdings at the U.S. Army Military History Institute at Carlise Barracks, Pennsylvania. 1982.
D 114.14: 11/2

Military Operations of the Civil War: A guide to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865

An index and guide to Civil War military operations. 1980.
GS 4.21: 5


Describes Andersonville National Historic sites in Georgia, the prison, and its prisoners. 1977.
I 29.21: An 2/3

Antietam National Battlefield Site, Maryland

Briefly describes the events of the Battle of Antietam and its impact on the war. 1967.
I 29.21: An 8/3/967

Manassas (Bull Run) National Battlefield Park, Virginia

Relates the history of two of the more famous battles of the Civil War. 1961.
I 29.58: 15/2

Fort Sumter National Monument, South Carolina

History of Fort Sumter and the battles that took place there. 1962.
I 29.58: 12/2

Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania

Details the history of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the decisive battles of American history. Includes pictures and maps. 1962.
I 29.58: 9/2

Campaign for Petersburg

Describes the Petersburg seige in 1864, including strategies of leaders on both sides. 1970.
I 29.21: P 44

Richmond National Battlefield Park, Virginia

Describes McClellan's Peninsular Campaign in 1862 and Grant's activities during 1864-65. 1980.
I 29.21: R 41/2/980

"Confederate Redlegs at Shiloh"

A detatiled description of the battle of Shiloh. Explains why the Union Army held up. Map.
Field Artillery July/August 1999. p. 10.
D 101.77/2: 999/4

Shiloh National Military Park, Tennessee

Discusses the plans for battle and results of the battle at Shiloh. 1986.
I 29.21: Sh 6/4/986

Vicksburg and the Opening of the Mississippi River

Describes the defense and seige of Vicksburg, which led to the opening of the Mississippi River. 1986.
I 29.9/5: 137

Where a Hundred Thousand Fell: The Battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Court House

Describes four great battles of the Civil War where over 100,000 casualties occurred. 1966.
I 29.58: 39

Illinois Government Information
Illinois at War 1861-1965

History of the Illinois troops and their role in the Civil War. 1976.
ILLINOIS 973.7: I29I

Adjutant-General's Report, Illinois

Roster of Officers and enlisted men divided into regiments of Civil War soldiers. 1900.
ILLINOIS 973.74 I29r3 v.1-8

Illinois Military Units in the Civil War

Listing of all military units in Illinois during the Civil War. 1962.
ILLINOIS 973.7473 I19IM

The Diary of James T. Ayers: Civil War Recruiter

The diary of a Civil War recruiter. 1947.
ILLINOIS 977.3 ILLI no. 50

Civil War Medal of Honor Winners from Illinois

List of Civil War Medal of Honor winners from Illinois.
ILLINOIS 355.134 I29Ic

Illinois at Vicksburg

Relates to the role of Illinois Troops at the Battle of Vicksburg. 1907.
ILLINOIS 973.7344 K76

Illinois Civil War Sketches

Each brochure deals with one aspect of the Illinois role in the Civil War. 1984.
ILLINOIS 973.7 I29S no. 1-10

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