Theatre and Dance

Audition and Application Information

BA and BFA candidates must be admitted to Western Illinois University. Applications can be made online. Contact the Admissions office for more information or apply online now.

Auditions for the BFA in Musical Theatre

All students interested in musical theatre are first admitted to WIU as an acting major. Candidates for the BFA program are selected through competitive auditions.  Chosen candidates are then offered a position in the program and the major changes to the BFA in musical theatre.

Audition Requirements for the BFA in Musical Theatre

Candidates for the BFA program are chosen based on a performance audition along with the general admission standards of Western Illinois University. Auditions are held three/four times a year on the WIU campus. The on-campus audition consists of:

  • Performance of one FULL song and one 16 – 32 BAR CUT of a contrasting song
  • Performance of two contrasting monologue – each approximately one minute in length
  • A short interview with the BFA faculty – a chance for us to ask questions and you to ask questions
  • A movement audition consisting of center work, across the floor work, and a short combination. This will be taught in the room with no advanced preparation required. Formal dance training is not required; however applicants must show the potential to move well and be trainable.

On the day of your on-campus audition, please also bring:

  • The completed audition form from our website on the Theatre and Dance webpage at this link. Please print the form and bring it with you, rather than emailing it back.
  • One copy of a current resume and a current head shot.
  • One letter of reference from a current educator in the area of singing, acting, or dance speaking to the students’ skill set, potential for success in a rigorous degree program, and general character.
  • Movement or dance attire and appropriate shoes
  • Music for vocal auditions. Proper format is in a binder and properly marked. Please do not bring loose sheets.

Other Information:

  • To set up an audition, please call (309) 298-1543 or email us at Let us know what day you will be auditioning and we will contact you approximately two weeks prior to the audition with a time schedule for the day. The auditions will begin either late morning or early afternoon depending on the number of auditioners that particular day and the schedule of the department.
  • On-campus auditions are strongly preferred, however, if you are not able to come to the campus for an audition, video tapes/flipshare/youtube videos will be considered.

    Please contact Lysa Fox (Head of Musical Theatre) directly if you choose to audition by video at the following email address for further instructions: If you are sending in a video audition, all material is due no later than Monday, March 13 2017.

Auditions are scheduled for

  • Saturday, Nov 12, 2016
  • Saturday, Feb 25, 2017
  • Saturday, Mar 25, 2017

Illinois High School Theatre Festival auditions

Faculty from the BFA program attend the festival each year and hold auditions during the festival. The next festival will be held January, 2017. Check back on this site for information as it becomes available. Please contact the department if you wish to schedule an audition during the festival.

More information about the Illinois High School Theatre Festival auditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the link Frequently Asked Questions

Auditions and Interviews for the BA in Theatre
(options in Acting, Directing, and Production/Design)

Auditions/interviews are not required for admission to the BA program. However, if you want to be considered for a Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver award in acting or directing for your first semester at WIU, acting and directing students must audition during the first week of fall classes for all Mainstage and Studio theatre productions. The faculty and directors will use your audition for both Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver awards and for specific production casting.

Production/design students must meet with design faculty for an interview to qualify for Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver awards. Applicants in Production/Design should be prepared to discuss their experience and interest in those areas. Presentation of a resume and/or portfolio are recommended. The production/design interview can happen at any time, from the time of your acceptance to WIU through the first week of fall semester.

After the first semester, students apply each semester for continued support. Applications for Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver Awards For both BA and BFA candidates, fill out a Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver application. If you have further questions, please contact the Department of Theatre and Dance by phone at 309-298-1543 or e-mail at

Applicants perform two contrasting monologues and two contrasting songs. Piano accompaniment will be provided. Applicants are asked to bring movement/dance attire and be prepared to show movement abilities. Formal dance training is not required; however applicants must show the ability to move well and be trainable.  Auditions are scheduled in 15 minute intervals, with 30 minutes at approximately 3:00 pm for a group dance/movement audition. To audition, submit an audition form and make an appointment with the Department of Theatre and Dance by phone at 309-298-1543 or e-mail at