Theatre and Dance

Talent Grants and Tuition Waivers

The Department of Theatre and Dance awards Talent Grants and/or Tuition Waivers to undergraduate students who participate in the Theatre and Dance production programs. Students do not have to be a theatre major or minor, or a dance minor to receive the awards. The awards are based on talent in theatre or dance and are not need-based awards. The department expects students to contribute their talent in performance as actors, dancers, directors, designers, carpenters, stitchers, technicians, etc. for the many productions we do.

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For incoming theatre students, TG/TWs are awarded on the basis of an audition or interview/portfolio review. An audition is required for admission to the BFA Musical Theatre program but an audition is not required for admission to the BA program. Prospective students wishing to be considered for an award must audition. This can either be done during a campus visit or by arrangement through the department office. Musical Theatre auditions are held 3 times per year on campus (dates here). The "Unified Auditions" held at the beginning of fall semester can also be the TG/TW audition.

Apply directly to the Department of Theatre and Dance and arrange an audition/interview by calling (309) 298-1543 or sending an E-mail to

Continuing theatre studentsmust apply for a renewal of Talent Grant/Tuition Waivers every semester by filling out a TG/TW application. Deadlines for application are announced in the department near the end of each semester.

Dance students must audition for University Dance Theatre. Dance faculty evaluate each incoming or continuing student and makes an award based on the level of participation in the two dance concerts each year.

The amounts of the awards vary from $300-$1500 per semester. Talent Grant awards are applied to the entire University account and Tuition Waiver awards are applied only to the tuition portion of the University account. Each student's work is evaluated every semester and awards are made on the basis of merit (demonstrated artistic ability and productivity) for continuing students.

The Talent Grant/Tuition Waiver form is available online.