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BFA in Musical Theatre


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre (BFA) is one of WIU's "Signature Programs". The degree is designed to prepare students for a professional career in musical theatre or admission into an advanced degree program. The BFA in Musical Theatre provides students with rigorous specialized training in acting, dance, and voice. We are proud of our comprehensive pre-professional training program which develops the unique skills of each individual as we teach students to combine and synthesize the areas of singing, acting, and dancing. Student in Musical Theatre program are afforded a variety of in-class and onstage performances throughout the undergraduate career, culminating in a senior project.

Honors in the BFA Musical Theatre program:  

There is an honors curriculum in the BFA degree program that you may qualify for if you qualify for the University Honors program.  

You may also qualify for the Western Commitment Scholarship!


The BFA in Musical Theatre DOES require an audition for admission into the program. Contact the Department of Theatre and Dance for more information on our audition process.  

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Other Possible Careers:  

Musical Theatre majors gain valuable proficiency in their craft and performance skills, but this major is also an EXCELLENT major for those needing career flexibility over their lifetime. Musical Theatre students make OUTSTANDING employees for their wide range of abilities, such as creative problem solving, time management, performance and public speaking, professionalism, attention detail, motivation, commitment, collaboration and teamwork, self-confidence, to name a few!

They are well prepared to enter careers in:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Teaching
    • Acting
    • Singing
    • Dancing
  • Choreography
  • Arts Management
  • Foundation and Development
  • Directing
  • Musical Direction

Why Choose Musical Theatre at WIU?

The Musical Theatre program is home to a group of working theatre, dance, and music artists who serve as the professional faculty and staff in the program. Three full time voice instructors, two full time dance instructors and the Coordinator of Musical Theatre are devoted to preparing students in our program for a career in the field and a life as a well-rounded individual.

The Musical Theatre program has a rich tradition of producing engaged, motivated professionals with highly sought after skills. Our majors have a firm foundation to pursue specialized careers…and a flexible skill set to take them there!

Music Theatre Requirements

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