Master of Arts in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Established in 1976, the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration offers a Master of Arts in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.  The law enforcement and justice administration (LEJA) graduate program is internationally known for academic excellence. It provides students with a rich blend of theoretical, administrative, and practical knowledge as well as with research skills. Those who have earned the degree occupy positions of responsibility across the United States and in several foreign countries.

The program is designed to provide a balanced, interdisciplinary course of study for those currently employed in criminal justice and related fields, as well as for those wishing to pursue careers in these fields of academia. Courses provide students with current information in the areas of administrative/organizational behavior; law; research and quantitative skills; and specialized areas such as policing, corrections, security, and multiculturalism/diversity in criminal justice.

Graduates of the program are educationally well-rounded students who possess the skills needed to manage and lead in the increasingly complex field of criminal justice. Additionally, students are academically prepared to pursue advanced degrees in respected Ph.D. and law degree programs.