Educational Leadership

Principal's Certification

Administrative Certification

Persons seeking Illinois Type 75 administrative certification through Western Illinois University must have a master’s degree or complete the master's degree in Educational Leadership. All candidates for certification must have successfully completed a Basic Skills test and subsequently activated a certificate. Through reciprocity agreements, Iowa and Missouri residents can exchange the Illinois Type 75 certificate for the Principal's certificate in their respective states. (Students residing in Iowa and Missouri are assessed the in-state rate for tuition.) The certification program includes the following 36 semester hours of course work, EDL 555 (Internship), and requires a minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience. 

  • EDL 500 Leadership Development and Self-Assessment (3)
  • EDL 505 School Improvement and Organizational Development (3)
  • EDL 511 Educational Planning (3)
  • EDL 514 School Finance (3)
  • EDL 517 Fundamentals of Education Law (3)
  • EDL 518 Administrative Applications of Educational Technology (3)
  • EDL 519 School-Community Relations (3)
  • EDL 522 Management of School Personnel (3)
  • EDL 538 Principal as Instructional Leader (3)
  • EDL 539 Leadership for Students with Special Needs (3)
  • EDL 560 Supervision of Instruction (3)
  • EDL 571 Site-Based Curriculum Planning (3)