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8th Grade - QCYC






Recent 8th Grade PACERS events: 

5-13-14: The end of the year trip took the PACERS students to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, IL, as a reward for all of their hard work during the school year. Students were taken back to the "Dark Ages" as they watched jousting, sparring, and falconry. True to the time period, students had to eat their meals with their hands (no silverware)! It was a busy, messy, fun-filled day!

5-7-14: PACERS students reflected on their field trip to Rocky and discussed what they're looking forward to, as well as what concerns them about starting their first year as high schoolers. We had a catch-all day following the discussion. Students completed an assessment that the PACERS staff will use to track outcomes. The students also received backpacks, t-shirts, and polo shirts. Lastly, final plans and reminders were made for the upcoming end of the year trip!

5-1-14: 8th grade PACERS students had the opportunity to visit Rock Island High School for a private tour of their soon-to-be school! Current PACERS' Seniors provided guided tours to groups of the 8th grade students. After the tour, both high school and middle school PACERS students ate lunch together and participated in a Q&A session. The 8th graders were able to have all of their questions answered from students about what it is like to be a student at Rocky. Everyone had an awesome day!

4-23-14: PACERS students worked on the Principle of Mastermind Alliance which encourages individuals to work cohesively with those around them to accomplish common goals. The students participated in multiple activities that required them to use their listening and attending skills as they worked in teams. The activities were fun and students enjoyed having the chance to better understand their abilities to work in groups. Before the meeting ended, students completed an index card where they identified one to three individuals who they rely on to help them achieve their goals. These cards will be utilized throughout students' time in PACERS.

4-16-14: In small groups, PACERS students processed and reflected on the trip to the YWCA last week. Each group member had a specific task as the leader, recorder, or presenter. During the discussion, the general consensus seemed to be that it was a challenge keeping up with the preschoolers but that they had a lot of fun doing so! We learned that everyone really enjoyed the project and are hoping to return to help out at the YWCA again soon. As the meeting wrapped up, we were introduced to our next Principle of Success, Mastermind Alliance. Students were asked to fill out index cards, identifying three important people in their lives who they think they can call upon to help them achieve their goals. This card will be used in future activities as we work toward Mastermind Alliance. We are preparing for two upcoming trips: one to Rock Island High School and one to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, IL. There is so much to look forward to before the end of the school year!

4-9-14: PACERS students participated in a leadership development and service learning project at the YWCA in Rock Island. As part of the United Way's Operation READ initiative, PACERS students spent time reading to the preschoolers at the YWCA. After reading two different stories, they helped them create a springtime craft and participated with them during their "Centers" time. PACERS students also had an opportunity to get some fresh air and play outside with the preschool students before it was time to for us to go back to school. It was both an exciting and exhausting trip for everyone! PACERS would like to thank the YWCA and the United Way for joining with us in this wonderful activity!

04-03-14: We are back in action for the 4th quarter! From the sounds of it, EJHS, TMLC, and WJHS students all managed to enjoy their time off by spending it with friends, family, and pets! We began our meetings this week by discussing the upcoming PACERS events! There are many exciting trips and activities to look forward to this quarter! The students then had the opportunity to complete a career interest survey based on Career Choice Theory. From the survey, the students were able to see how their interests might align well with certain career paths. After completing the surveys, we had a group discussion about the importance of exploring different career options and how high school success is crucial to achieving career goals.

End of the 3rd Quarter - Please click on this link to see the activities since November 2013!