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Mary Cay Talbott Memorial Scholarship

To recognize and remember Mary Cay for all that she gave others, this scholarship has been established in her name at Western Illinois University where she was an undergraduate and graduate student and a professional staff member in residence life. This scholarship has been established by The Center for Alcohol and Drug Services in Davenport, Iowa; the Talbott Family; and the friends and family of Mary Cay Talbott in tribute to her for the lasting impact she had on their lives.

Mary Cay Talbott (1958-1991) is remembered by colleagues and friends as a young woman who dedicated her career to helping others, as a person who showed empathy for those less fortunate than herself, and as someone who had an honest desire to help people improve their quality of life. She was respected by associates for her quiet competence and as a talented young colleague who strongly believed in the dignity and potential of young people as they struggled with the issues of substance abuse. She could make anyone laugh, and her enthusiasm was contagious. Mary Cay’s courageous struggle with breast cancer was indicative of the way she lived her life.  She always gave it her all, whatever the issue—work, play, or life itself.

CRITERIA: Application for this yearly scholarship is available to beginning Department of Counselor Education graduate students. Information is given at the CNED New Student Orientation. One $400 award is presented annually. Information on this scholarship will be made available to Counselor Education Students via the Department listserv" and not yet mention a time frame until it is determined.  

Alumni Scholarship

The Counselor Education Alumni Scholarships were established in the fall of 1999 by the Department of Counselor Education at Western Illinois University. The Counselor Education scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional potential as professionals in the fields of counseling through scholarship, leadership and service.

CRITERIA: Recipients must be advanced students (have completed 20 hours by the beginning of fall semester) in the Department of Counselor Education who demonstrate exceptional potential in scholarship, leadership and service. Information on this scholarship will be made available to Counselor Education Students via the Department listserv" and not yet mention a time frame until it is determined.  

The value of the award is based on contributions to the department's annual phonathon and will not exceed $500. The scholarship is not renewable. Application information and dates are made available to students early fall semester each year.

Professional Attendance Scholarships

The Department of Counselor Education will announce the availability of professional attendance scholarships as they are available.

Graduate Student Scholarships

Graduate students have numerous opportunities for financial assistance across the campus of Western Illinois University. There are a limited number of competitive academic scholarships available through the Foundation Scholarship Program. Graduate scholarships through the Foundation Scholarship Program will require separate applications. The criteria will vary.

Federal student loans through the FAFSA, student employment through the Financial Aid Office, and graduate assistantships through the Graduate Office may also be available.