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The Department of Counselor Education (CNED) is a group of diverse, award-winning, and nationally recognized faculty. CNED faculty participate in local, state, regional, national, and international professional arenas. They are licensed and certified in counseling and hold advanced degrees from well-regarded programs. CNED faculty are recognized for excellence in teaching and service to the profession and have been awarded honors for their scholarly publications. Several faculty have been awarded delivery-based grants that provide service to disenfranchised populations. Additionally, the faculty sit on several review panels for national peer-reviewed publication outlets. CNED faculty offer students quality, integrity, and a nationally-accredited program of study. 

Faculty                 Phone: 309/762-1876     Fax: 309/762-6989

Dr. Anne GregoryDr. Anne Gregory

Department Chairperson   
CNED Office: 2420C
CNED Phone:  309/762-1876
Macomb Office: Horrabin Hall, 69B
Macomb Phone: 309/298-1961


Rebecca Newgent Dr. Rebecca Newgent

Office: Room 2421
Voice Mail: 309/762-3999 ext. 62273



Matt Beck Matt Beck


Office: Room 2216
Voice Mail: 309/762-1876



Holly Nikels
Dr. Holly J. Nikels

Professor / CNED Program Coordinator
Office: Room 2423
Voice Mail: 309/762-3999 ext. 62272


Leslie O'Ryan
Dr. Leslie Whisinnand O'Ryan

Office: Room 2415
Voice Mail: 309/762-3999 ext. 62239

Carrie Alexander-Albrition Dr. Carrie Alexander-Albritton

Associate Professor
Office: Room 2417
Voice Mail: 309/762-3999 ext. 62268

Shawn Parmanand Dr. Tiffany Stoner-Harris

Assistant Professor

Office: Room 2419
Voice Mail: 309/762-3999 ext. 62267




Adjunct Faculty

  • Ada Macias, M.A. - Bradley University
  • Eldon Partridge, M.S.Ed. - University of Illinois


Diane Heisner Diane I. Heisner

Office Manager
Office:  2427
Phone: 309/762-1876
Fax: 309/762-6989

Assistants                 Phone: 309/762-3999 ext. 62299 or 62246           

  • Lauren Brandt - Research Assistant (RA) PACERS Community Engagement (Senior Assistant)
  • Molly Watkins - Research Assistant (RA) Editorial Assistant, Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation Journal (CORE)
  • Andy Vandercoy - Graduate Assistant (GA) Technical Assistant, Website maintenance and development (beginning Spring 2015)
  • Julia Churchill - Teaching Support Assistant (TSA) (beginning July 2014)
  • Eryka Berglund - Research Assistant (RA) (beginning Fall 2014)

Professors Emeritus

  • Ed Hamann, Ed.D. (1946-2013) - Northern Illinois University
  • Bill McFarland, Ed.D. - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Melanie E. Rawlins, Ph.D. (Former CNED Chairperson) - University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Beatrice L. Wehrly, Ph.D. (1926-2014) - Texas A & M University

CNED Board of Advisors 2012-2015

  • Doug Bodeen - Moline High School, Moline IL
  • Alan Dassow - Glenview Middle School, East Moline IL
  • Jim DiTulio - Western Illinois University Counseling Center, Macomb IL
  • Cindy Dobroski - The Center for Youth and Family Solutions, Rock Island IL
  • Rhonda Nelson - Bridgeway, Galesburg IL
  • Jennifer Page - Rock Island High School, Rock Island IL
  • Telly Papanikolaou - Arrowhead Ranch, Coal Valley IL
  • Haley Wikoff - Bettendorf Middle School, Bettendorf IA

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