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Continuing Professional Education Academic Courses


Consider these courses for your continuing education needs... 

For Clinical Mental Health Counselors...

CN520: Foundations and Professional Orientation to Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3) 

Introduction to the profession of clinical mental health counseling: history, accreditation, licensure, credentialing, professional organizations, advocacy, counseling philosophy, and use of technology. Specific attention is given to the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and professional competencies. 

CN521: Standards of Care and Management in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3) 

Current trends in the counseling literature/research and strategies for counseling specific to clinical mental health are explored. Particular attention is given to management, principles and administration, HIPAA, public policy, needs assessment, and consultation. 

CN522: Psychopharmacology in Counseling (1) 

Students will demonstrate knowledge of commonly prescribed Psychotropic medications including antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety and sedative/hypnotic agents. Students will develop a basic knowledge of creating psycho logical evaluations using the mental status exam and psychosocial history when developing treatment plans. 

CN549: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3) 

This course provides an exploration of the legal, professional, and ethical dilemmas faced by professional counselors. Familiarity with and application of the current American Counseling Association Code of Ethics as well as relevant state of Illinois and Iowa, and federal civil and criminal law will be demonstrated by students. 

CN551: Counseling for Addictions (3) 

Principles and practices of addiction prevention and counseling with special application to the functions of counselors

CN604: Psychopathology (3) 

This course explores various aspects of counseling related to psychopathology. Abnormal and maladaptive behaviors are presented. Counseling interventions related to behavioral and emotional disorders, psychoses, and maladaptive behavior patterns are addressed. 

For School Counselors...

CN602: Principles of Mental Health Diagnosis and Pathology for Practitioners in School Settings (1) 

Evidence suggests an increase in mental pathologies among elementary and secondary school students. This one-hour course provides an overview of child and adolescent pathologies and diagnostic procedures and criteria. The course is designed to help school counselors and other school professionals identify mental disorders among students in order to assist them with their academic development and school adjustment. 

For Everyone...

CN433G: Special Problems in Counseling (1) 

Designed to provide a group of students an opportunity for further professional growth and to apply problem-solving approaches in dealing with specific educational problems. 

CN519: Crisis and Trauma Counseling (3) 

This course is designed to acquaint students with the special models, theories, and techniques of crisis intervention. Crisis management resources are explored in relation to grief, post traumatic stress, suicide, domestic violence and child abuse. 


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