Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Textbooks and Readings

policingHandbook on Policing in Central Eastern Europe

Identifies key policing trends in each country, with respect to their different political, historical and social contexts

Meško, G.; Fields, C.B.; Lobnikar, B.; Sotlar, A. (Eds.)


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The Ethics of Terrorism (book)The Ethics of Terrorism

Innovative Approaches from an International Perspective

Charles C. Thomas, Publisher









Criminal Justice AdministrationCriminal Justice Administration: Strategies for the 21st Century

by Clyde Cronkhite

Provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing criminal justice organizations present in law enforcement, courts, and correctional systems. Using an approach that combines theory with application, this 576 page text explores the operations, issues, and practices that administratiors, and those preparing for administrative positions, must know. Available from:

Jones & Bartlett Publishers, or