Summer Camp

WIU's C.S.I. Virtual Experience 

(Grades 11 & Up, Ages 15 & Up)


Welcome to our CSI Virtual Experience. The School of LEJA has created a virtual criminal investigation for you to experience. You will learn some of the basic methods and procedures for investigating a criminal event – from processing a mock drug homicide crime scene, to recovering evidence (fingerprints, tire tracks, social media records, and blood spatter patterns), to drafting and conducting search warrant executions, to the arrest and interrogation of the suspect.

For additional information, please contact School of LEJA Director, Jill Joline Myers at jj-myers@wiu.edu or 309-298-1038. For degree program information, visit the School of LEJA's website

Program Experiences:

How to secure a crime scene

Interviewing witnesses

To lift and compare fingerprints

To make foot and tire impressions

The use of a K-9 to detect illegal drug - controlled dangerous substances

How to collect microscopic particles through the use of a magnetic dust lifter and the thermal imager (night vision)

Identify blood spatter patterns and types

Drone usage and techniques

Writing a search warrant that meets Constitutional standards

Executing (serving) a search warrant and collecting evidence following proper chain of custody processes

Arresting the suspect and interrogating him by using detecting deception (behavioral analysis) techniques

Physical fitness training techniques used by actual law enforcement departments across the United States

Dates: June 15-18, 2020
Program Instruction Provided By Faculty with Experience As:

Deputy Chief of Police

Commander of the State Police

Behavioral Analyst for the FBI

Crime Scene Supervisors

Drug Task Force Personnel

Blood Spatter experts

Drone and GIS experts

Training and Policy experts from a variety of Law Enforcement State, Federal and Local Agencies

Participation Criteria:

Program is open to students in grades 11 & up who are ages 15 & up.


Special Features: 

Totally online live sessions will be offered three per day over Zoom technology. Recorded versions will be available after the event for the duration of the experience.

Upon completion of the online interactive tasks and exercises, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and Recognition from WIU and the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.


Registration is available online at the top of the page. Prior to the program start date, registrants will receive an email notification containing the Zoom meeting location and times of the scheduled events. 

The first 50 that register will be sent a Gel Lift to be used during a part of the program activities. 

Cost: There will be no cost for this program as it is being offered as a learning experience for those interested, with the goal of keeping our students academically engaged this upcoming summer. 
Registration Deadline: June 8, 2020