Entry Fee ImageWhere does the money go?

The money that we collect from the $25 entry fee will pay for the costs associated with the event (gifts, prizes, marketing, etc.)  The remaining $$ will be applied to the following:

  1. 50% of the $$ will be directed toward the Donna Phillips Scholarship Fund
  2. 50% of the $$ will be used to fund student travel to professional conferences.  Examples of professional conferences our students have attended include:
    • IAHPERD (Illinois Assocation for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
    • IATA (Illinois Athletic Trainers Association)
    • GLATA (Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association)
    • NATA (National Athletic Training Association)
    • NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)
    • NASSM (North American Society for sport Management)
    • SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators)

The money collected from any additional donations to specified funds will be deposited directly to that fund.