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QC Undergraduate Research Virtual Conference

A Celebration of Academic Excellence through Research, Scholarship, and Performance
Please go to the 2021 Thomas E. Helm Undergraduate Research Conference for the most up to date information about this year's virtual, university-wide conference.

QC Research Conference

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Description of the Event (modified in response to the Covid-19 Social Distancing requirement)

The WIU QC Student Research Conference is a celebration of the scholarly research being carried out by students and their faculty mentors at WIU QC as well as at local Community Colleges. The Research Conference will feature pre-recorded and live scholarly presentations by faculty and students on their research and special projects. It will also feature recorded and live artistic and creative performances by faculty and students. In addition, there will be a keynote presentation delivered by former WIU Honors Psychology student, Brandon Kutmas, currently CEO and licensed therapist at Quad Cities Behavioral Health Associates. Brandon’s presentation will emphasize the impact that his Honors studies and research had on his life and career success.

Guidelines for Attending

This year, our Student Research Conference will be hosted virtually through our Western Online course management system. A Western Online Course, called “WIU QC Student Research Conference 2020” has been created in order to provide access to pre-recorded and live presentations of student AND faculty research, scholarship, as well as creative and artistic performances. In order to participate in the conference, an individual having an ecom id and password can self-register for the conference by accessing the course page through Western Online.

For those individuals who do not currently have an ecom id or password, please submit your request to the conference coordinator, Dr. James Rabchuk via email at ja-rabchuk@wiu.edu. The critical pieces of information used for creating the ecom account are the person’s name and birthdate. The authorization will be valid until the end of the semester (May 10, 2020). The process to create the accounts takes several days. Therefore, all non-WIU individuals who wish to attend the conference must submit the request and required information by Monday, April 13th, 2020.

Guidelines for Participation

Participation in the WIU QC Student Research Conference is open to all Western Illinois University undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to all interested High School and Community College students. Participants must submit an abstract and participation information, which also confirms that they have read and understood these guidelines, between March 2 and April 17, 2020. Students from institutions other than WIU desiring to participate may submit their abstract and application directly to the QC Honors College Coordinator (Dr. Jim Rabchuk at ja-rabchuk@wiu.edu). Please read and refer to the following Submission Instructions before submitting an abstract and participation information. Further questions can be directed to Dr. Jim Rabchuk at 309-762-7095. Those students participating from institutions other than WIU, please read carefully the guidelines for attending the conference, provided above.

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