Economics and Decision Sciences

Featured Alumnus 2001

Andrew Mass

Andrew Mass is the Vice President for He graduated from WIU in 1985 with an Economics degree. He hails from McHenry, Illinois and attended Marian Central Catholic High School along with his four brothers and two sisters. He used to tutor in the computer lab at WIU. He was also very involved with the Navigator Ministry while attending Western and has many fond memories.

After graduating with High Honors from Western, he worked for his father's international construction company, Mass Grinding and Grooving ( Andrew worked in Atlanta on the I-85 and I-285 Interchange, the biggest interchange in the Southeast.

Andrew then moved "indoors" and worked for Caterpillar, at their world headquarters in Peoria, Illinois as a marketing rep. He even worked in the forge shop during their long strike in the early 90s. He enjoyed rebuilding bolsters for the largest forge press in the world. They made him a diemaker after he scored 100% on the geometric tolerancing test. He also learned some excellent marketing and sales ideas from Caterpillar.

Andrew has had a few small businesses over the years and even had a painting business while at Western. He remembers painting Prof. Baldwin's bathroom "conch" pink. A few years ago, Andrew decided to join John Mass, his brother, on the west coast in a new business venture,

Andrew Writes:

Varitools was created out of an Internet application Harvard University wanted for a large law survey. John wrote the code to create a survey on the Web without knowing what the questions would be until the day of the survey. The survey was a huge success. All the data was housed on a server and available to the administrator. A business was born.

This was four years ago. Since then we have added some excellent companies to our sales list to include: Lockheed Martin,, NCSU, USC, NYU,, and the Pentagon to name a few.

Application Service Applications, that is, software over the Web is the way of the future, if it priced right. We are a service business and go out of our way to help our customers with their data collection needs. We can have large surveys up in one-day collecting data with our software tool. The results are available to download in any format. We are also doing online reports, which can be seen on a separate link. These reports can be created with filters to see your data by filters that you want to sort by.

It is all very revolutionary and cost effective to have the Web be the medium to collect data via a Webform. We customize reports and develop products in response to customer needs. We have seen many dot com businesses build something first and hope folks will come live in their Taj Mahal. We are doing it the other way around. We learn from our clients and partner with them.