Institute For Environmental Studies


In the tradition of Emory University’s Piedmont Project and Northern Arizona University’s Ponderosa Project, the annual Coneflower Project provides an opportunity for faculty to learn and share knowledge and resources for integrating sustainability across our curricula and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration. This workshop embodies Western’s values, offering opportunities for education and personal growth to our faculty, staff, and students through a commitment to social responsibility and academic excellence.


  • Increase sustainability awareness and literacy on campus;
  • Incorporate sustainability issues across the curriculum;
  • Provide training for faculty on intersections between their discipline and sustainability and how to integrate those issues in their courses;
  • Provide resource support, as well as a collegial community, for faculty interested in sustainability curriculum development;
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas;
  • Develop and provide a foundational resource base for faculty interested in sustainability curriculum development;
  • Develop shared criteria for what constitutes sustainability in the curriculum.