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hydropower iconComing up - Hydro Potential on the Mississippi River, July 18, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Western Illinois University - Moline, IL

River Action will host a hydropower workshop, “Hydro Potential on the Mississippi River,” July 18 to examine America’s first renewable energy source – water.  The workshop at Western Illinois University’s Riverfront Hall is designed to bring together U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state departments of natural resources, developers, dam owners, energy utilities, clean energy and environmental groups, engineers, public works, municipal and city officials to explore opportunities for hydropower in the Upper Mississippi River.

Click here to explore a "dashboard" of electric power production data in Upper Mississippi River States for perspective on current conditions and future opportunities to develop renewable energy sources.

Click here to more information or to register online.

Raise the Grade!  Many thanks to the 200+ attendees of the 2016 Upper Mississippi River Conference - "Raising the grade in the Upper Mississippi River Basin"

Be on the lookout for updates from working sessions on ecosystem health, flood control and risk reduction, and much more in the near future. You can access conference materials and subscribe to Facebook and Twitter feeds at

First Place Finish -  Congratulations to Jason Hunt, an Environmental Science Ph.D. student, for his First Place student presentation at the Fifth-Annual Great Plains Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference held by the University of Iowa.

Jason presented his work on the role the Upper Mississippi River watershed plays on the prevalence of the invasive mosquito, Aedes japonicus.  To learn more about vector biology work being conducted at WIU, click here.

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