College of Arts and Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions by Students:

Q. Is the writing center only for English papers?

A.The center is for any type of writing for any class. It is also a place where you can bring career writing such as resumes and cover letters.


Q. Are all the consultants graduate students?

A. Both undergraduate and graduate students are consultants.


Q. Are all the consultants English majors?

A. The consultants are from all different departments. We have some in English, but we also have Psychology, Philosophy, Communication, and many more.


Q. Do I just drop off my paper and come back later?

A. No, a session is one-on-one where students and consultants work together for typically 50 minutes.


Q. Do consultants just correct my grammar?

A: Consultants will typically address global level issues such as purpose, audience, and organization before focusing on sentence-level issues.


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