College of Arts and Sciences


University Writing Center Policies Session

Our policies are structured to maintain the best study environment for everyone. For a successful consulting session, please come prepared:

  • Bring your assignment
  • Know what you would like to work on
  • Participate
  • Ask questions

Tutoring Session Guidelines

  • Appointments are typically fifty minutes long, starting on the hour.
  • Walk-ins are welcome when consultants are available.
  • If you are more than ten minutes late for an appointment or call to cancel an appointment more than ten minutes after the scheduled appointment, it is considered a "no show" and the appointment will have to be re-scheduled.
  • If you have three "no shows," you will not be able to make appointments at the writing center for the rest of the semester. However, you can still walk-in and have an appointment if a consultant is available.
  • If your paper is due on the same day as your appointment and you are coming in for a first session, we will do our best to accommodate you—within the fifty-minute time slot for which you are scheduled.
  • You can request to have or not to have an appointment with anyone you want.
  • You will receive a session record through email at the end of your session. If you would like your teachers to know you visited the writing center, please have their email address to send your record to them.
  • Portable electronic devices, when turned on and in use in the writing center, are distracting to consultants and clients. Please turn these off when you are in a session.
  • We do not write papers for you.
  • We do not guarantee any grade.

The Consulting Session Procedure

  1. Your consultant will begin the session by asking you what you want to work on and for a copy of your writing assignment, which will help the consultant understand what your instructor values for writing.
  2. Once the values important to the assignment are clear, the paper will be read aloud, after which the consultant will help you prioritize what the session should focus on and lead you through a number of collaborative activities to help you find ways to revise.
  3. A common misconception about writing centers is that they are places to bring papers for someone else to edit. Consultants are trained to begin with global-level issues as determined by the assignment. That is, consultants will typically address issues such as purpose, audience, and organization before focusing on sentence-level issues. Once the global-level issues have been addressed, the consultant will focus on sentence-level issues by teaching proof-reading strategies and helping you understand and revise the grammatical errors you make the most.