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The University Writing Center

University Writing Center

 Bring In

  • Any type of writing
  • Essays, lab reports, references, theses
  • Graduate school applications
  • Education Portfolios
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letters and resumes

We Help You

  • Figure out assignment prompts and what your teacher values
  • Brainstorm ideas and topics
  • Make drafts and go over revisions
  • Do research and learn proper documentation
  • Improve organization, coherence, development, grammar, argument and support

Testimonials from WIU students

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  • “I like that the writing center employees have a good understanding of the material without knowing anything about our course.”
  • “My tutor gave me really good tips about how to write papers in general, and gave me confidence to start my research paper. I felt like she cared about my paper, and about me personally.”
  • “I left the writing center having an understanding of what kind of writer I am and how to better myself.”
  •  “I never visited the writing center as an undergraduate, but now as a graduate student I am appreciating just how valuable of a service this is.”

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front page picture


  • The UWC made it into the News (youtube)
  • The Quad Cities Writing Center is Holding a Saturday Seminar from 10am-12pm on March 25, 2017. Check out the seminar flyer for the two workshops. Registration in advance is required.
  • The UWC made it in the Honors College newsletter! “So often, the University Writing Center is defined as a remedial space, a space where only bad writers are sent to learn basic grammar skills that should have been learned long ago. Writing centers, however, are spaces for honors students too.” –Dr. Neil Baird, Director, University Writing Center. Check out the whole article here!
  • Writing Center Consultant wins Student Employee of the Year! Brittani Wascher, one of our undergraduate writing tutors, won Student Employee of the year in 2014 due to her excellent work in the Writing Center. She was awarded a certificate and $750. Read about her award here.
  • WIU Writing Center has serviced faculty and students for over 20 years. Read the blog article written about it in November 2012: WIU's Own Paperback Writers
  • In 2006, Western Courier published an article with student comments about the importance of the writing center. Writing Center is the Right Choice!

Writing Matters: The Writing Center Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1 :

Introducing our first newsletter which touches on the importance of the writing center for all students in any discipline. This issue also highlights Brittani Wascher, one of our talented undergraduate consultants.