Eldon Brown 1996Eldon Brown

Degree: Bachelor of Science degree in law enforcement and justice administration from WIU.


Business Information: West and Southwest regional delivery manager at Fruition Partners in San Jose, California

Advice for Freshmen: Get involved! Join a student organization, and academic club, or student government. The experiences and friendships you make there will serve you professionally and personally for the rest of your life. Seek out mentors in your academic departments, residence halls, and student organizations. Take advantage of every opportunity to get outside your comfort zone and learn something about people different from you. In the process, you'll end up learning the most about yourself.

Favorite WIU Memory: Living and working in Wetzel Hall as an ACD, hanging out at the purple couches between meetings or classes, the many late nights in the computer labs finishing assignments or chatting with friends, giving tours during summer orientation, helping to plan BGLFA Awareness Week, Homecoming, and so many other things!

Family Information/Special Interests and Hobbies:  My family is in Illinois and I currently live and work in Silicon Valley. I'm a big geek at heart. As an avid traveler and private pilot, I love to explore the world whenever possible. I'm the proud uncle of two nephews and a niece.