Campus Recreation

At-Home Recreational Resources

While we know recreation is usually best enjoyed with others in a social setting, we wanted to offer some options for you to experience recreation and leisure while practicing social distancing!

Virtual Intramurals

Campus Rec E-Sports

Our eSports season will resume on Monday, February 1. Our tournaments for the Spring semester will be:

  • Super Smash Bros. & Madden NFL: February 1st - 26th
  • C.O.D. WarZone & Mario Kart: March 1st - 26th
  • NBA2K: March 15th - 19th
  • Rocket LeagueFIFA: April 5th - 30th

Register via our Campus Rec IM Leagues page, and make sure you have the Discord app downloaded for score reporting and communications.

Contact Taylor Brooks at if you have any questions.


Virtual IM Programs/Events

NBA Pre-Season Pick'em: December 11th - 19th

Participants will submit their picks for all NBA Pre-season games. These picks will be submitted via a Google form that will be sent to participants upon registration.

Contact Taylor Brooks at or Avery Hamm @ if you have any questions.

Frosty's Formation Challenge!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Let's see who can build the best snow man (or snow sculpture) on campus. During the month of January, any time it snows...

  1. Build your coolest, most extravagant snow sculpture.
  2. Snap a picture of your creation.
  3. Post it to social media.
  4. Tag WIU Campus Rec using the hashtag #FrostFormation
    • Facebook = WIU Campus Recreation
    • Instagram = wiucampusrec
    • Twitter = @WIUCampusRec

Virtual Trick Shot Challenge: Monday, March 22nd

March 22nd is "National Goof-Off Day", so what better time to show off some wacky trick shots?! Take a video of yourself (or your friend) sinking a crazy, miraculous trick shot OF ANY KIND! Use your imagination, because the sky's the limit and the most creative (successful) shot wins!

Email your trick shot video ON MONDAY, MARCH 22nd to Avery Hamm at or Taylor Brooks at


Fitness Events   (<--- click to go to Fitness Events page) :

Holiday Hustle At-Home Workout Challenge begins Monday, Nov 30!! 

This is a 3-week virtual fitness challenge that can be completed at home (3 weeks, and 18 workouts!).  Please email Taylor Brooks at to register.   

Dates: Monday, Nov. 30 - Friday, Dec. 18

Location:  Wherever you are!


  1. On Sunday, Nov. 29, you will receive an email with a list of handcrafted, at-home workouts created by WIU’s very own Brian Thomas (‘11, ‘13).
  2. You will then have three weeks to complete as many workouts as you can/are able to. You may choose a workout from the provided list, do a workout of your own, or engage in another form of physical activity (i.e. go for a walk or hike outside).
  3. The more workouts you complete, the better the prizes you can win!
  4. To submit a workout, take a photo or video of yourself doing the workout or post workout completion. Post the photo/video to any one of our social media pages using the #WIUHolidayHustle and tag us!
    • Facebook: WIU Campus Recreation
    • Instagram: @wiucampusrec
    • Twitter: @WIUCampusRec
    • Snapchat: wiurec
  5. If you prefer, or do not have social media, send us an email with your photo or video! Email workout submissions to Taylor Brooks ( ).
  6. Prize Tiers: The prizes you win are based on the number of workouts you complete!
    • 5 Workouts Submissions = WIU Campus Rec Sticker
    • 8 Workout Submissions = Sticker + Water Bottle
    • 12 Workout Submissions = Sticker + Water Bottle + Campus Rec Travel Coffee Mug
    • 18 Workout Submissions = Sticker + Water Bottle + Travel Mug + IM Champ T-Shirt!!

Our mission is to provide life-enhancing recreational opportunities through the promotion of active lifestyle, personal growth, and experiential learning. While this event encourages all of those things, we recognize that it may be challenging and difficult for some. The WIU Campus Recreation staff encourages its members to challenge themselves, but to do so responsibly as this is a virtual event and our staff is not present to properly monitor participants. 

Questions? Want more information? Email Taylor Brooks ( )


"Snow Steppin'" Winter Step-Count Challenge

You have the month of Janurary to log as many steps as possible! Using whichever device/app you count steps with, send us a screenshot of your weekly step total, and we will update the "Snow Steppin' Leaderboard" on our Campus Rec Facebook page each week.

Go for a walk, take some laps around the office, get out and shovel...heck, start a snowball fight!! Whatever you do, get on your feet and move!

Check out this handy Challenge Guide for more details and guidelines. Email weekly step total screenshots to Taylor Brooks at


Fitness Bingo: February 8th - 15th

Participants who register with us on or before February 7th will receive a Fitness Bingo Board filled with a variety of fun and challenging fitness "tasks". In order to cross off a space on the board, you have to post proof (picture or video) on social media of you completing the task, and tag WIU Campus Recreation:

  • Facebook: WIU Campus Recreation
  • Instagram: @wiucampusrec
  • Twitter: @WIUCampusRec
  • Snapchat: wiurec

Show us B-I-N-G-O to win a prize from Campus Rec!!

Contact Jenna Bothell at for more details or to find out how to register!


More miscellaneous fitness resources...

Outdoor Resources