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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for a summer youth program?

The registration fee is $199 and includes classroom instruction, supplies, WIU merchandise, lunch, snacks, and field trips.

Online Registration

We highly recommend that families register using the online registration forms.
Here is the online registration form for the upcoming summer camps: Registration Form .

If you would like to print your registration documents, please use the information below:

Printing and Mailing/Emailing Registration

WIU-QC, QC Muggles Camp c/o Melissa Gravert
3300 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265


WIU-QC, QC Math Camp c/o Susie Brooks
Room 211-I, 3300 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265

You will also find additional student information forms here .

If you would like to scan and email your registration form and student information forms, please send them to: m-gravert@wiu.edu

If something happens and my child cannot attend the program, will I receive a refund?

REFUND POLICY: Western Illinois University reserves the right to withdraw a program because of unforeseen circumstances or insufficient enrollment. If a program is withdrawn, participants are notified and fees are refunded. Participants who cancel within 14 calendar days of the program start date will receive a refund, minus a $50 fee. No refunds will be made after Wednesday, June 21.

I am on the waitlist. What does this mean for my registration?

The wait list is organized by the date we receive your registration. We will hold your check, but will not process payment until space becomes available through a cancellation. At that time we will call you to explain that a cancellation has occurred and ask if your child would still like to join the program. If approval is given, we will process your payment. If there is no space available, we will return your check in the mail.

How will I know if the program has been cancelled?

An email is sent indicating that the program has been cancelled and a refund is processed and sent back to you.

Should I send my child with a daily lunch?

Lunches are provided for participants in the Math on the Mississippi and Muggles in a Wizard World Camps. A detailed schedule describing the lunches that will be provided will be included in the email that is sent to each student approximately one week before the program begins with suggestions on what personal items to bring (such as a light sweater for cool classrooms).

Please Note: Quad Cities Initiatives does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items and recommends that valuables or large sums of cash remain at home. Any item brought by a student is the sole responsibility of the student.

How much money will my child need to bring?

Students do not need to bring cash with them. If they plan to use the vending machines, this is only allowed at the end of the program day. In this case, we recommend that they bring less than $5 in small bills. Related program costs are included in the registration fee.

Do I need to send supplies for the program with my child?

In general, no. If there is a specific item which is needed for that particular program year, we will contact you with information on the cost and location to purchase this low cost item. Pencils, paper, and instructional supplies are furnished as part of the registration fee.

Where do you get your faculty members?

Western faculty members, faculty assistants, local school teachers, and subject area experts and professionals typically instruct in our programs.

How do you maintain safety on campus?

Our instructors and student assistants undergo a criminal background check as part of the program. Campus Security patrols the campus and is advised of ongoing programs in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. Students are accompanied by instructors and staff during the program for all instructional portions, lunch, and program-related activities.

Can a staff member administer the participant's medication?

No. Program staff members do not distribute medication. We recommend that parents send pill packs and directions with their child to make it easier for him/her to remember when to take medication.

In case of an emergency, what type of medical care is provided?

Program staff has access to a first-aid kit and are prepared to care for minor ailments such as headaches, cuts, and scrapes. In the event of a more serious medical issue, parents are informed and appropriate medical attention is administered. In the event that a student has need of a visit to the emergency room, s/he will be accompanied by a responsible program staff member to Unity Point for medical treatment. Your signed medical forms are used to quickly contact you and secure medical treatment. Because program participants do not qualify for university health care, parents should check family insurance policies for health and accident coverage.

What type of recreational activities will the participants be doing?

We strive to find a balance between learning and fun. A number of activities are incorporated into the program’s learning activities including study trips to local attractions in order to provide recreation within each program. Depending upon the program, students may visit the Sylvan Slough, West Lake, Black Hawk State Park, or ride on the Channel Cat. Program-related games and activities include such games as Quidditch, chess, and Dueling Wands for the Muggles Camp and paddle boarding for Math Camp.

  • For specific information about Math on the Mississippi, please contact Dr. Susie Brooks at: 309-757-4787, sc-brooks.edu
  • For more information about Muggles in a Wizard World, please contact Melissa Gravert at: 309-757-4787, m-gravert@wiu.edu
  • For general program information, please contact Melissa Gravert at: 309-757-4787, m-gravert@wiu.edu