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Appendix AA - Use of the WIU LAN Bulletin Board

The University Credit and Retail Sales Act (110 ILCS 115/1 et. seq. 1994) prohibits the selling of "goods, services, or a combination thereof to the general public on property held or leased for the use of the institution when such an operation can reasonably be expected to be in competition with private retail merchants in the community unless such merchants have the opportunity to compete for the operation of such a business on such property."

In accordance with the above referenced Act, as well as the current WIU Computer Use Policy (, the following statements must be adhered to in the posting of all messages to the WIU LAN Bulletin Board, effective immediately:

  1. Posting of items for sale are limited to WIU employees. Individuals may post for employees who do not have access to the electronic bulletin board. Posting for non university personnel is prohibited.

    Items posted for sale are limited to:
    • resale of personal items not to exceed $2,000 (including homes, cars, mobile homes, etc);
    • personal residences for rent;
    • fund raising for charitable and not for profit organizations
  2. Posting/advertising for commercial businesses is prohibited, as is the advertising for personal services (i.e. babysitting, lawn mowing, etc.). Postings requesting recommendations for such services are permitted; however, responses should not be posted to the bulletin board(s).
  3. Limit posting to one bulletin board.
  4. Employees should note that editorial postings on electronic bulletin boards have been held in court to the same journalistic standards as newspaper and magazine editorials and articles, including legal action for libel against individuals.
  5. Political activity on the electronic bulletin board is subject to the same University policy rules as political activity in the workplace.
  6. Employees are reminded that the posting of personal messages (e.g. for sale/wanted, editorials, miscellaneous, etc.) should be done outside of your regular work hours.

NOTE: There has been no change in items #4 and #5 from existing policy. If you have questions concerning the posting of an item for sale, please contact the Internal Auditing office at 298-1664. Individuals who abuse their electronic bulletin board privileges may have access to the bulletin boards limited or discontinued.

December 2, 1996

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