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Ruth M. Kelly, Ph.D.

Ruth Kelly, Ph.D., NCSP

Professor, Emeritus
100 Waggoner Hall
Work: 309/298-1593
Fax: 309/298-2179

Additional Information

Additional Information


Dr. Kelly earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. She majored in psychology at the University of Minnesota for her undergraduate. Her dissertation was titled, “Transition from a special education preschool to mainstream kindergarten”.

Teaching Areas:

Dr. Kelly teaches at all levels, including school psychology graduate level classes. She has taught PSY 221 Child Development and PSY 425 Exceptional Children for undergraduate.

Recent Scholarly Activities:

Kelly, R.M.; Cruise, T.K.; Swerdlik, M.; Newman, D. & Simon, D. (2012, February)  School Psychology Intern Supervisor Training: A State Wide Universal System-The Illinois Model.  Poster presented at the Trainers of School Psychology Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Kelly, R.M. & Hull, G.L. (2012, February). Diagnostic Assessment of Basic Reading Skills for Tier 3 Services. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.

Kelly, R.M. & Cunningham, L. (2010). Assistive technology for students with disabilities: A guide for parents and educators. In A. S. Canter, L.Z. Paige, & S. Shaw (Eds.), Helping children at home and school-III: Handouts for parents and educators. (pp Section 8, Handout 8). Bethesda, MD: The National Association of School Psychologists.