Institutional Research and Planning

Program Review - College of Arts and Sciences

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Note: IBHE is no longer producing the Fiscal Year Program-Major Cost Study Reports.  Therefore, comparison data for Undergraduate Discipline Cost per Credit Hour and Undergraduate Credit Hours per Staff Year are no longer available.


26.0101 B.S. in Biology

51.1005 B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science

26.0101 M.S. in Biology

26.0701 Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Zoo and Aquarium Studies


40.0501 B.S. in Chemistry

40.0599 B.S. in Forensic Chemistry

40.0501 M.S. in Chemistry


23.0101 B.A. in English

23.0101 M.A. in English

Environmental Science

03.0104 Ph.D. in Environmental Science:  Large River Ecosystems

Foreign Languages and Literatures

16.0101 B.A. in Foreign Languages and Cultures

Earth, Atmospheric & Geographic Information Science

45.0702 B.S. in Geographic Information Science

40.0601 B.S. in Geology

40.0404 B.S. in Meteorology

45.0702 M.S. in GIScience & Geoenvironment

44.0201 Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Community Development & Planning

45.0701 Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in GIS Analysis


54.0101 B.A. in History

54.0101 M.A. in History

Liberal Arts and Sciences

24.0101 B.L.A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences

24.0101 M.L.A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Mathematics & Philosophy

27.0101 B.S. in Mathematics

27.0101 M.S. in Mathematics

School of Nursing

51.3801 B.S.N. in Nursing


40.0801 B.S. in Physics

40.0801 M.S. in Physics

27.0101 Pre-Engineering

Political Science

45.1001 B.A. in Political Science

45.1001 M.A. in Political Science


42.0101 B.S. in Psychology

42.0101 M.S. in Psychology

42.2805 Specialist in School Psychology

Sociology & Anthropology

45.0201 B.A. in Anthropology

45.1101 B.A. in Sociology

45.1101 M.A. in Sociology