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Five Reasons Why Gardening is Good for Health

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Help mom to health this Mother's Day and give the gift that keeps on giving! As mothers, we tend to take more care of others than we do ourselves in some cases, but there is one way that can help all mothers to health this Mother's Day. Plant a garden! Read more.

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5 Simple Steps to Power up Your Summer Salads

May is National Salad Month, making it a great time to give your salads a powerful boost by choosing nutrient-rich ingredients.

Fresh from the Grill

Fire up that grill! May is National Barbecue Month.

Step into Spring with the Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that May is Mediterranean Diet Month?


The dietitian pick of the month for May is mangos.

Ready Set ManGo

Not only are mangos one of the world's most popular fruits, they're also an ideal addition to any Cinco de Mayo menu.

Hy-Vee Responsible Choice: Serious About Meeting Goals

If you have problems baiting your line this spring and summer, fear not - Hy-Vee has your back! Hy-Vee has recently achieved its sustainable seafood goal.

Foods That Give Back

When you're shopping at the grocery store and you see all the different brands of foods, you might not think too much past the name on the label. But what if you knew about the brands that pay it forward?

Fair Trade: Products with a Purpose

A lot of people wonder about Fair Trade… What is it and does it really make a difference?

Hy-Vee's One Step Program Gives Back

As part of Hy-Vee's mission to make lives easier, healthier and happier, health and wellness has long been a focus of our efforts.

One Step™ Shredded Wheat Cereal

The dietitian pick of the month for April is One Step Shredded Wheat cereal.

Mindful Eating

What does it mean to eat mindfully? Mindful eating means paying attention to your actual eating experience – while at the same time enjoying it.

Kids Can Celebrate National Nutrition Month Too

March is National Nutrition Month and the Hy-Vee dietitians would like to focus on the kids. With childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles on the rise, Hy-Vee has a developed programs to help families adopt healthier lifestyles.

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