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A monthly newsletter from the National Institutes of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health
News in Health Newsletter
September 2018
Breathe Easier : Dealing with Bad Air Quality
Smelling Sickness : Body Odor May Be Sign of Disease
Prevent Lead Exposure
Weight Loss Helps Knee Arthritis
Volunteers Needed for Kidney Disease Study
Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs
August 2018
Bionic Movements : Connecting Mind and Machine
Care and Connection : Loneliness Affects All Ages
Dr. Steve Cole on Loneliness
Caring for Concussions
Prevent Lead Exposure
Preventing Shingles
Palliative Care: Conversations Matter
July 2018
Preparing for Menopause : A Woman’s Midlife Change
Acne Breakouts : Controlling Problem Pimples
It’s a Kid’s Job : Playing Helps Kids Learn and Grow
Keeping Up in School? : Identifying Learning Problems
Positive Parenting : Building Healthy Relationships With Your Kids
Safeguarding Our Health : Vaccines Protect Us All
See, Hear, Speak : Are Kids’ Senses Ready for School?
Shape Your Family’s Habits : Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices
Discover Herbal Products
Eating Well May Slow Hearing Loss in Women
Volunteers Needed for CLL Study
Child Health
Smokefree 60+


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