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Fallen Soldiers 5K, November 2013 Yes You Can - Angie Veith and Brian Briggs Fallen Soldiers 5K, November 2013 A-Team, 2013 Big Pink Volleyball Bracket Winner Go Red for Women, February 2015 Bridge the Gap to Health Races - May 2013

Western Well: Employee Wellness at Western Illinois University

Past Event Photos

3rd Annual Fallen Soldiers 5K, October 2014
Fallen Soldiers 5K Race Participants
Go Red for Women's Health, February 2014
Go Red for Women's Health Luncheon
2nd Annual Fallen Soldiers 5K, November 2013
Fallen Soldiers 5K Race Winners
Leathernecks in Training - Bridge the Gap Run, May 2013
Leathernecks in Training group photo
Illinois Healthy Worksite, Silver Level

Wellness Events



Health Tips

Spot reduction, the targeted removal of fat in a specific area, is a common myth that may people are unaware of. The loss of fat occurs due to more calories being burned then consumed. In short you can do as many crunches or sit-ups as you want but not lose your "spare tire"; you have to burn calories by other means. Fat loss occurs evenly throughout the body.

Karvonen Target Heart Rate Formula

  • 220-age = Max Heart Rate (MHR)
  • Max Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate = Heart Rate Reserve
  • Heart Rate Reserve x .6 = __ + Resting Heart Rate = Beats Per Minute OR
  • Heart Rate Reserve x .75 = __ + Resting Heart Rate = Beats Per Minute
** Resting Heart rate - you should take your pulse for 1 minute when you have been laying still for 30 minutes
** The beats per minute you get from C and D are your target heart rate threshold on which your heart rate should stay in between during exercise