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Course NumberCourse NameInstructor
AgEc 342Agricultural Law
AgEc 349Agribusiness Management
Agri 120Agriculture in Today's Society
Agri 320Success Strategies in Agriculture
Agrn 176Principles of Crop Science
Agrn 278Fundamentals of Soil Science
Agrn 370Soil Management
Agrn 373Integrated Pest Management
Agrn 376Applied Genetics in Agriculture
Agrn 378Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
Agrn 470Applied Entomology
AgTM 250Introduction to Agricultural Technology Management
AgTM 350Agricultural Machinery
AgTM 461Surveying and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
AnSc 112Fundamentals of Animal Science
AnSc 310Man and Animal Interaction
AnSc 314Animal Breeding
AnSc 323Livestock Management
Anth 110Cultural AnthropologyJess White
Anth 110Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyDavid Casagrande
Anth 249Native North American CulturesHeather McIlvaine-Newsad
Anth 395Gender, Race and the EnvironmentHeather McIlvaine-Newsad
Anth 415Environmental AnthropologyDavid Casagrande
Biol 100Biological Concepts
Biol 101Biological World
Biol 102Biological Diversity
Biol 419Organic Evolution
Biol 453Streams Ecology
Biol 454Mississippi River Ecology
Biol 455Mississippi River Ecology Laboratory
Bot 210Local Flora
Bot 329Plant Structure and Function
Bot 402Field Mycology
Bot 422Bryology
Bot 423Phycology
Bot 451Plant Ecology
Bot 452Freshwater Biology
Bot 463Ethnobotany
CH 310Environmental Sciences
CH 311Occupational Health Problems
CH 316CWaste Management
CH 317Health Effects of Environmental Hazards
CH 511Community Health and Agency ProgramsMike Jackson
CH 513Environmental Health/Science
CH 513Community Health Education Techniques and ProceduresMike Jackson
Chem 150Contemporary Chemistry
Chem 342Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry
Cons 405Soil and Water Conservation
Econ 360Economics and Urban Problems
Econ 430Environmental EconomicsTom Sadler
Econ 432Public Finance
Econ 460Urban and Regional Economic Analysis
Econ 465Economics of EnergyTom Sadler
Educ 439GMethods in Secondary EnglishBonnie Sonnek
Eng 340American Nature Writing
Eng 384Composition for TeachersBonnie Sonnek
Eng 481GEnvironmental Discourse and the Rhetoric of SustainabilityAmy Patrick
Eng 499Topics in English EducationBonnie Sonnek
Envr 201Introduction to Environmental Studies
Envr 401Colloquium on Environmental StudiesAmy Patrick
EOS 310Environmental SciencesHal Marchand
EOS 310Environmental EconomicsDanny Terry
For 200Introduction to Forestry
Geog 110World Regional Geography
Geog 120Introduction to Weather and Climate
Geog 121Introduction to Landforms
Geog 327Climatology
Geog 426Conservation and Management of Natural Resources
Geol 112History of the Earth
Geol 113Energy and Earth Resources
Geol 115Oceanography
Geol 375Environmental Geology
Geol 380Hydrogeology
Geol 420Geomorphology
Geol 485Elements of Engineering Geology
GH 101Environmental LiteratureAmy Patrick
GH 101Utopian/Dystopian Societies and EnvironmentsBill Knox
GH 299Wind PowerMolly Homer
GH 302WLand and CommunityTimothy Collins
Hort 180Introductory Horticulture
Hort 384Landscape Management
Hort 385Landscape Design
Hort 480Plant Propagation
InAg 310International Agriculture in Developing Count
Kin 135Lifelong Leisure ActivitiesRitchie Gabbei
LEJA 242Survey of Criminal InvestigationTerry Mors
LEJA 303Quantitative Techniques for Law EnforcementKen Clontz
LEJA 306Organization and AdministrationMike Hazlett
LEJA 345Diversity, Ethics, and Professionalism in Criminal JusticeEmran Khan
LEJA 440Seminar on Current Issues in PolicingBill McCamey
MGT 470Seminar in ManagementGordon Rands
MGT 481Organizations and Society: Ethics and Social ResponsibilityGordon Rands
MGT 490Business Strategies and PoliciesBarb Ribbens
MGT 510Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibility of ManagersBill Maakestad
Micr 401Mycology
Micr 402Field Mycology
Micr 423Phycology
Micr 451Microbial Ecology
OM 511Operations ManagementRajeev Sawhney
Phil 333Environmental Ethics
Phys 150CEnergy and the Environment
Phys 200University Physics III
Phys 201University Physics
Phys 354Thermodynamics
Phys 476Special Topics in Physics
PolS 393Environmental Politics and Administration
RPTA 376Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation
RPTA 448Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental
ScEd 464Integrating Science Through InquiryAllen Larson
ScEd 464Integrating Science Through InquiryBarbara Sandall
ScEd 490Environmental Science Education for Elementary Teachers
Soc 285Multicultural WomenPolly Radosh
Soc 345Rural SociologyJess White
Soc 360Gender RolesPolly Radosh
Soc 414Population
Soc 471Urban Sociology
Soc 545Development and Social ChangeElgin Mannion
SSEd 495Teaching with a Global PerspectiveRobert Lombard
SSEd 495Teaching with a Global PerspectiveFred Isele
WS 190Introduction to Women's StudiesDoris Hambuch
WS 190Introduction to Women's StudiesPolly Radosh
WS 285Multicultural WomenPolly Radosh
WS 360Gender RolesPolly Radosh
WS 395Gender, Race and the EnvironmentHeather McIlvaine-Newsad
WS 455Feminist Theory and PracticeDoris Hambuch
Zool 411Entomology
Zool 412Mammalogy
Zool 413Herpetology
Zool 414Ichthyology
Zool 416Marine Mammalogy
Zool 451Animal Ecology
Zool 452Freshwater Biology