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Student Sustainability Fund Award

Please submit applications to
Dr. Amy Patrick Mossman, Director
Liberal Arts and Sciences Program
Western Illinois University / Tillman 301
Office: 309-298-3025
Fax: 309-298-2669

Student Sustainability Research and Project Development Fund Application - Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word

The Campus Sustainability Committee at Western Illinois University is committed to supporting student engagement with sustainability on campus and in their research. In support of this mission, the Student Sustainability Research and Project Development Fund is designed to support student research, campus projects, and professional presentations in the area of sustainability.

Funding Availability

Full- and part-time degree-seeking WIU students are eligible to apply for funding. Up to $500 is available per student awardee per award period.

The priority application deadline for spring semester is February 20, 2015. Applications will be considered on a continuing basis pending available funds.

Applicant Eligibility

WIU undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program and actively taking courses are eligible to apply for funding.

Application Procedure

Applications are available at the top of this page. For priority consideration, students should submit the application (with required signatures) and supporting documents to the sustainability committee co-chairs on or before September 30th (fall semester). Applications received after these dates will be considered as funds are available.

Format Guidelines

Applications for funding will be evaluated based on thoroughness and quality of materials submitted. Each proposal should include the following:

  1. Application with required signatures (student, faculty sponsor, department chair)
  2. Description of proposed activity (Descriptions should be clearly written for a multi-disciplinary group of reviewers although essential technical or scientific terms may be used.)
    1. Research Projects
      1. Concise description of research, not to exceed four double-spaced pages, including background information and project title, clearly stated objectives of research, methodology, and significance to the discipline, sustainability, and the student's professional goals.
    2. Professional Presentations
      1. Concise description of research to be presented, not to exceed four double-spaced pages, including background information and project title, clearly stated objectives of research, and the significance to the discipline;
      2. Conference information and how it relates to professional goals and sustainability;
      3. Verification of acceptance to present.
    3. Campus Sustainability Projects
      1. Concise description of the project proposed, not to exceed four double-spaced pages, including background information and project title, clearly stated objectives, and how it relates to student's professional goals and campus sustainability goals.
  3. Itemized budget and narrative for all requests
    1. Specific items and costs should be listed and clearly related to the description of the request. If approved, the award can only fund items on the application.
    2. If total projected need exceeds $500, note whether additional funds have been granted or are anticipated from grants, department funds, personal funding, other award, etc.

Applicants should refer to the WIU Travel Guide ( when calculating travel costs (mileage, lodging, per diem, etc.) and direct questions to the academic department secretary or the Business Office at (309) 298-1811.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Campus Sustainability Committee. Each application will be evaluated on the specific requirements as outlined on the application form. (Note: the selection committee will not consider letters of support as they are not required in the application process.) Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee award decisions. A list of award recipients will be posted on the campus sustainability website following the selection process and all applicants will receive written notification following the selection process.

Award Administration

Fund awards will be made by the Campus Sustainability Committee through the Business Office at Western Illinois University. Payment will not be made directly to the student unless it is a reimbursement for expenses that have been approved by the Committee and appropriate documentation (i.e., a receipt) is provided by the student once the award has been granted. For unpaid invoices, proper documentation will be required before payment can be made. The University cannot reimburse for tax paid on purchases. All award monies must be used by June 30th following the award date or the remaining balance will be forfeited.

Any material items (i.e., computer software and hardware, books, etc.) purchased using this fund are considered the property of WIU and should remain with the student's academic department or Facilities Management (as appropriate) upon completion of the research or project.

Reporting Requirements

All recipients of this award are required to submit a one- to three-page summary report at the conclusion of the supported activity to the chairs of the Campus Sustainability Committee. The report is due within one month of the conclusion of the activity. Prior award recipients must submit the required summary report before future applications will be considered.

Additional Information

By submission of applications, students are granting permission for their application materials to be used as models to others, should their application be selected as such by the selection committee. This could include being posted on the campus sustainability website. Personal information will not be shared.