Administrative Services


What You Need to Know

  • All professional services, regardless of dollar amount, require a contract. Contracts must be reduced to writing, approved and submitted prior to services beginning. Late contracts require that a justification for late submission be submitted to Purchasing .
  • Any professional/artistic contract of $20,000 or more must be competitively bid or determined to be a sole source. A Justification for Sole Source form must be submitted to Purchasing.
  • Competitively bid contracts are advertised on the Illinois Public Higher Education bulletin for 15 days.
  • A standard Professional Services Contract Submittal form is to be submitted for contracts required to be bid.
  • Contracts filed late require a signed affidavit and are submitted by the State Comptroller's Office to the State Auditor General to be included in the next University audit.
  • For more on contracts, see the Administrative Procedures handbook.

Employee or Independent Contractor?

If a contractual relationship is determined to be an employee relationship, a lump sum payment form is processed through the Human Resources department and payment is made through the payroll process. The lump sum payment form should be submitted to Human Resources.

Independent Contractors

  • Are not otherwise employed by the University
  • Pursue outside work or provide a service to multiple customers/clients and advertise such services
  • Take a "risk" for not completing the conditions of the contract
  • Contract for a set price to provide an identifiable service which covers a specified time frame
  • Have the flexibility to assign the service to other individuals
  • Are not directed as to methods of accomplishment, time restraints (other than contract period), etc.
  • Have a short-term relationship with the University
  • Contract is to be all inclusive, the University does not reimburse for items such as lodging, travel and meals.