Administrative Services

Section 8: Talent Grants

Position (# of spots per position) Amount Awarded
Captain (1) 3/4 Tuition Waiver
Executive Officer (1) 1/2 Tuition Waiver
Training Officer (1) $500
1st Lieutenants (5) $500
2nd Lieutenants (6) $400
Special Projects Officer (1) $400
Special Duties Officer (1) $400
EMT/Committee members/Misc (6) $300
  • There will be five regular 1st Lieutenants and five regular 2nd Lieutenants.
  • The Captain, Executive Officer, and Training Officer will be used as reserve 1st Lieutenants.
  • The SPO and SDO will be used as reserve 2nd Lieutenants.
  • There will be one position that will be strictly a reserve 2nd Lieutenant. This reserve 2nd Lieutenant will be required to cover at least one weekend Lieutenant shift per month where the other reserve Lieutenants will not have this requirement.
  • The Acting Captain, Acting Executive Officer, and Acting Training Officer are as needed positions and will be expected to take on a regular Lieutenant spot while in training for their particular position.
  • There are six $300 Talent Grants that will first go to any EMT’s or Committee members that do not already receive a Talent Grant. If there were any extra Talent Grants remaining, they would be given out at the discretion of the Western EMS Advisor and Captain.
  • No Talent Grant is guaranteed. The University can change these amounts at any time. The University can also reject as application for any Talent Grant based on the Universities set qualifications. Please refer to the Office of Student Activities for further details regarding University Standards for talent grants.