Administrative Services

Section 5: Administration Positions Hiring Procedure

Consideration for the positions of all Western EMS officers can be evaluated at anytime throughout the semester. The Western EMS Advisor and EMS Captain will review each person and review whether or not they have fulfilled the duties of each position.

If it is decided that an officer has not fulfilled their duties, they will not be asked to fill that position for the next semester. They are not being removed from member status, but will not longer be an officer.

If a person fulfils their assigned duties, the Western EMS Advisor and the Captain may, at their discretion, ask them to remain in that position for the next semester.

Any person that has the title “acting” before their rank means that they are in training for a given position.

For any administrative position that needs to be filled, the following procedure will go into effect:

  1. The position that is open will be posted and all members will be made aware of the opening.
  2. Applications will be made available for a minimum of one week.
  3. Those interested can fill out an application and submit it to the Captain by the announced deadline.
  4. After the deadline has passed, the Captain will review the applications with the Western EMS Advisor and Executive Officer. If need be, the Director of OPS may be included in the review.
  5. At this point, the Western EMS Advisor, Captain, and Executive Officer will interview the applicants.
  6. Notifications will then be made to all applicants to inform them of the outcome.

Western EMS Officers do receive a Talent Grant; the amount differs per position, if they meet the Universities GPA standard. Western EMS Officers, as well as any other member that receives a Talent Grant, should realize that they have been put in the position to receive a Talent Grant, not only because they have earned it, because they are to do a particular job and have a higher level of dedication towards the organization. If a Western EMS member that receives a Talent Grant fails to meet their full responsibilities for their particular position their Talent Grant and possibly position will be taken away at the discretion of the Western EMS Advisor and Captain.