Administrative Services

Section 30: Mass Casualty or Multiple Victim Response

In the event that an incident develops into a Mass Casualty response, McDonough District Hospital should immediately be notified along with a casualty estimate. In addition, the Senior EMT should request that the Lieutenant crew is dispatched to the scene along with the Captain, Executive Officer and Training Officer if needed. The executive staff should have training in incident command, and can also provide extra skills in triage and treatment.

If additional resources beyond the capabilities of a Western EMS response, area Fire Departments can also provide mutual aid assistance.

It is imperative that early requests for resources are made, along with accurate patient counts. This will assist incoming resources and allow receiving hospitals to clear beds and call in staff.

Once a Mass Casualty Incident has been recognized, the Senior EMT will assume medical command until replaced by a higher authority. Incident Command is then responsible for requesting and directing incoming personnel to the incident.

Please see the McDonough District Hospital EMS System Manual for system guidelines of a Mass Casualty Incident or Multiple Victim Response.