Administrative Services

Section 22: On Call Rooms

There are always at least two rooms provided for the purpose of providing the duty crew with a place to sleep. The rooms are provided as a courtesy and should be treated as such.


  1. To provide beds for the duty crew
  2. To place crew members in the same geographic location area to minimize response time
  3. To provide showering area in the event of exposure to blood/bodily fluids
  4. To provide a comfortable, relaxed area to reduce stress and the possibility of burnout


  1. The rooms are for on duty members only
  2. Visitors are allowed only during posted visitation areas
  3. Visitors are always to be escorted
  4. If the crew responds to a call, the visitor must wait in the common area near the information desk
  5. There will be no smoking or alcohol consumption by visitors
  6. The crew members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests
  7. Members must leave the room in a clean condition
  8. Any damage to the room must be reported to the Duty Lieutenant
  9. Members will be held responsible for lost keys
  10. Members must obey all UHDS policies while in the residence hall