Administrative Services

Section 19: Complaints and Internal Conflicts

This policy exists in the resolution of any complaints or conflicts involving Western EMS members. It is a guideline for members to following when faced with a problem. It isn’t intended to be applicable to all situations. However, the following policy must be adhered to if:

  1. A member wishes to file a formal complaint against another member
  2. The complaint is potentially harmful to Western EMS
  3. The complaint is made by another organization or another party


  1. Ask first if the problem is personal or professional.
  2. The person must first be confronted by the complainant in a verbal or written manner that mentions the incident.
  3. If the second step fails to resolve the problem, the complainant can then take the issue to the Duty Lieutenant or the Captain. The Duty Lieutenant can decide whether or not it is a professional matter.
  4. Next, the Captain and/or XO call a meeting with the complainant and the member involved in the incident. The results of this meeting are documented and turned into the Western EMS Advisor for personnel files.
  5. If the complainant isn’t satisfied with the outcome of this meeting, they will then talk to the Western EMS Advisor, and the Western EMS Advisor will set up a closed meeting between the individuals involved and the Captain.
  6. The Western EMS Advisor notifies the EMS Captain of the time of the meeting, and the Captain notifies the involved parties. The involved parties may bring in no more than two other people for support if they see fit.
  7. The closed meeting is recorded both with minutes and audio devices.
  8. The Western EMS Advisor, after hearing the presentation of the issues, the Western EMS Advisor holds the final authority on what the outcome should be and then notifies the Captain.
    1. If the accused is exonerated, then the letter of clearance will be entered in their personnel file. This letter means that if similar charges or any other charges arise, the recently dismissed actions can’t be used against them.
    2. If the resolution involves disciplinary action, the member is informed that he/she will have to appear in front of the Western EMS Advisor and Captain to hear the disciplinary action to be brought against them. The information is then placed in their personnel file.
    3. If the resolution doesn’t involve disciplinary action, but the complaint has merit, the Western EMS Advisor notifies the Captain so that the Captain may monitor the situation. The matter is then closed, and information involving the incident is placed into the personnel files which only the Western EMS Advisor, Captain, and XO have access to.
  9. If either party isn’t satisfied with the outcome, then they must file an appeal to the Captain within ten calendar days.
  10. The Western EMS Advisor, Captain, and XO review the appeal and make a decision.
  11. The parties are informed of the decision.
  12. If the original decision stands, the case is then closed. If either party chooses to continue pursuing the issue, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

All complaints will be dealt with on an individual basis.
Complaints involving criminal activity will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.
At any time, the member may meet directly with the Captain and bypass the initial steps of the policy, if they feel it is necessary.