Administrative Services

Section 14: Equipment Purchasing Policy

  1. This policy exists to provide a way for Western EMS members to purchase equipment through Western EMS.
  2. Requests for purchasing should be brought to the attention of the XO
  3. The XO copies a list of what is to be purchased, and should include description, quantity, place of purchase, price per unit, and total price
  4. The completed list will be given to the Captain
  5. If approved by the Captain, it will be submitted to the Western EMS Advisor for their approval, and if approved, on to the Director of OPS
  6. The XO will order all approved items
  7. The XO will check the order for accuracy and quality when it is received
  8. If needed, inventory control numbers (large dollar items, uniform components, hard supplies) will be placed on the items
  9. A list of received items will be given to the Western EMS Advisor and the Director
  10. The XO will keep all account numbers