Administrative Services

Section 13: Off-Campus Policy

This policy is intended to inform Western EMS members of the limitations of going off-campus.

When on the Western EMS duty crew is allowed to go off-campus. The limitations are as follows:
The crew must be back in the Western EMS office by 0100 hours unless determined otherwise by permission from the Advisor, Captain or performing duties related to a call for service.

  1. The crew must inform OPS dispatch they will be off-campus.
  2. The crew must stay close to campus in the primary coverage zone, outlined in the MDH System Manual.
  3. There is to be NO open alcohol at any location the crew will be at.
  4. The Western EMS smoking policy will still be in effect while off-campus.
  5. When there is a candidate ride-along the crew will not be allowed off campus for an extended period of time.
  6. Crews should not stay off campus for extended periods of time. The senior EMT should use extreme discretion when off campus, and should consider response time to potential calls. The Senior EMT should also consider the railroad tracks and potential train delays.
  7. When off campus, the crew must have a valid reason for being off campus. Examples of such are:
    1. MDH
    2. Training
    3. Assisting another agency
    4. Picking up food
      1. During food pickups, the crew must stay in the response area. Additionally, the crew must continue to maintain a professional image.
    5. The crew may also go off campus for a legitimate personal reason. A legitimate reason may be defined by the EMS Advisor or Captain. If there is any question if a reason is acceptable, contact the head officer for the shift.

The Western EMS duty crew is required to inform dispatch of the following information when going off campus.

  1. Address of the location where they will be.
  2. Telephone number at the location.
  3. Approximately how long they will be off campus.
  4. Reason for being off-campus.