Administrative Services

Addendum to Application of Employment

Investigation of Conviction Information

As a condition of employment, the following information is designed to apprise you of our policy concerning the requirement of conviction information when appropriate.

An investigation of conviction information is required for those classifications where a security concern exists. Security concerns exist for classifications of trust, or those which allow or require employees to have access to weapons or items of value without direct supervision, and those which include responsibility for close contact with minor children. The classifications currently requiring this investigation are appended to this statement. Other such classifications may be designated from time to time.

Civil Service Security Sensitive Positions

  • Administrative Assistant Series (Office Supply Stores only)
  • Applications Programmer Series
  • Applications Analyst Series
  • Associate Director (IT)
  • Assistant Manager (IT)
  • Automotive Sub-Foreman
  • Automotive Foreman
  • Auxiliary Computer Operations Supervisor
  • Bookstore Operations Series
  • Bowling & Billiard Center Series
  • Cashier Series
  • Child Care Assistant
  • Child Development Associate
  • Computer Programmer Series
  • Computer System Operations Specialist Series
  • Cook
  • Director (IT)
  • Driver Series (Transportation Services only)
  • Duplicating Machine Operator Series
  • Duplicating Service Supervision Series
  • Golf Course Pro-Shop Series
  • Golf Course Grounds Superintendent Series
  • Guest Room Supervisor
  • Internal Auditor Series
  • IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator
  • IT Support Associate
  • IT Tech Associate 
  • Mail Messenger Series
  • Mailing Equipment Operator/Expeditor Series
  • Mailing Services Supervisor Series
  • Main Desk Attendant
  • Manager (IT)
  • Manager of University Cashiering Operations
  • Parking Services Series
  • Police Officer Series
  • Police Telecommunicator
  • Procedures & Systems Analyst Series
  • Retail Services Supervisor
  • Systems Programmer Series
  • Web Specialist Series
  • Web Master