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Information for Employers

When can I use the Intern program to fill vacancies?

An appointment with Intern status may be made by an employer with approval of the Executive Director (State Universities Civil Service System) to any position in which the employer indicates acceptability of an Intern , provided all of the following criteria have been met:

  • No qualified candidates are available from a reemployment register or promotional register for the class;
  • A predetermined and scheduled program of development, training or experience has been established and approved for the candidate;
  • A compensation program has been developed that provides for progressively increasing salary levels payable upon completion of defined phases of training. The Intern's starting salary shall not be more than 95% of the minimum of the approved pay range for the class. The Intern's salary, after increases have been awarded, shall not exceed 95% of the mid-range of the approved pay range for the class; and
  • The employer can verify that one of the following factors exists:
    • The candidate lacks one or more of the minimum qualifications for the class;
    • Recruitment efforts have failed to attract qualified candidates;
    • Operating needs warrant ongoing training programs to supplement staffing recruitment efforts;
    • There is a recognized need for specialized training programs in technical or professional fields.

A department may chose to use the Intern program, if applicable, or hire from the register. If a department has attempted to fill a vacancy from the register and was unable to find a successful hire, a 30-day waiting period is required before re-access to the register. This 30- day period is not required should the department select to utilize the Intern program at that point. Additionally, no 30-day requirement is necessary should a department be unsuccessful in initially filling a vacancy with the Intern program and subsequently utilize the register.

How many Intern applicants can I interview?

A department may choose how many applicants they would like to interview. Human Resources will work with the department based on the pool of applicants available.

When hiring an Intern employee, how does the program work?

Each program is written and proposed to the State Universities Civil Service System based on the employee's specific training needs. Human Resources will work closely with the department to help facilitate necessary training and provide tools needed for the Intern employee. The overall goal of the program is the retention of the employee as a status employee.

Once an Intern has met the requirements based on work experience and/or training, the employee may then become a status employee. The employee must complete the 6 or 12 month probationary period required for the classification.