Editing Your Page

Your newly created facebook page will now pop up on the screen. There will be little information on it except for the things it has asked you to fill out (Profile picture and information). You will now want to add pictures, info, contact info, etc.


1. A crucial part of Facebook is to stay connected with your customers/employees/fans. Updating your status with important information, times of events, etc. will help everyone who likes your page stay up-to-date on the latest events in your organization. You can type anything in the box that says "Write something..." that you want your fans to see. Along with writing something you can attach a photo, link, video or question. This allows you to interact with your fans instantly.


2. Social Media is a great way to promote your business and now you can add it to a website. If your business has a website, you can connect it to your facebook so people can like your facebook right from your website. This one is for website developers who know how to use coding to edit websites. Once you click on the link, you add the information on the form and it will generate a code to be added on a website.

3. If you have a smart phone, or one that can connect to Facebook, you can update it right from your phone. Sign up your phone and you can chat, update statuses, comment and much more. There are two steps here. Pick your country then pick your mobile service provider (US Cellular, AT&T, Verizon, etc.). You can add your phone number where it says "Add your phone number here" then click next. Step 2 wants you to text a letter to a number that will send you a confirmation text. When you receive that text, type it into the box that says "confirmation code". You should now be connected to facebook with your phone.

text1.JPG text2.JPG

4. This is the bar that shows all of your pages on your Facebook. It makes it easier for your fans to find something that they need on your page. You can click on each of the links to take you to that page.


5. Admins are people who can edit the page and have full control over it. You can add as many as you want and you can add them by friends or by e-mail.



The image above shows how to add an admin. Once you create the fan page, you automatically become an admin so there is no need to add yourself since it is already done for you.

6. This is the edit page tab. Click on here to edit your information, privacy settings, admins, pages, etc.


This page will allow you to change many different sections of your fan page. Click on the different tabs on the left to see what each of them can do.


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