Facilities Management

Large Snow & Ice Removing Equipment

  1. East of Public Safety – Mowbray Hall (includes lot north of Art Annex)
  2. Beu Health Center
  3. Corbin Olson – EMS Van
  4. North Quad Drives
  5. Sherman Drive and South Campus
  6. President's Residence
  7. C.T. Vivian Way
  8. University – East Village
  9. Thompson Drive
  10. Sodexo loading docks
  11. Heating Plant tipper building
  12. Higgins Drive
Parking Lots
  1. Physical Plant and Physical Plant East
  2. South and north of Sherman Hall
  3. South of Library
  4. University Union lots
  5. Lots west and southwest of Library
  6. Browne/Memorial Hall
  7. Seal and Tillman lots
  8. Waggoner Hall lot
  9. Brophy (east of building)
  10. Q-lot Commuter Lot
  11. Simpkins Hall
  12. Corbin/Olson lots
  13. East Village/University Village lots and Q South
  14. Lots at North Quad
  15. Q-lot
  16. Horn Lodge (check special events calendar & move up as necessary)
  17. Other lots
  18. Higgins lot
  19. University Services (* by contractor)

Small Snow & Ice Removing Equipment & Manual Resources

  1. All accessible sidewalks and parking spaces as shown on Priority Snow Route Map *
  2. Accessible parking and ramp at southeast corner of University Services Building
  3. Sidewalks from University/East village along Murray Street to Union.
  4. Sidewalks and entrances to academic and administrative buildings.
  5. Remaining sidewalks.

* Reference Priority Snow Route Map